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WP GROUP is a small business directory group in Bangladesh. Md Rajib Humaun is the main owner. Our network was founded in 2010 Genarely it is a Bangladeshi information featuring directory site.

Generally, our site is manually checked and reviewed by our web developer and designer. We ensure the overall quality and updates of our directory are manually checked by our WP team member.

Who are we?

We are a freelancing team in Khulna Bangladesh. Mainly we are offering online directory service through our website about Bangladesh and also providing IT training service.

Our History

Someone tried to get a job after finishing his educational certificate, but time was not fever for him and no marching job are not available for him that`s why he wanted to do something new. He wanted to become a rich business owner and have an employer.

He has no ability to start a new business with his own investment, so he through a group business with joint investment. Then collect money 20, 000 Tokyo joins four shareholders and starts a new office where our main work IT related as freelancing, outsourcing training etc.

We decided our group name will be WP GROUP and its abbreviation will Welfare & Peace Group. We started 2010 with 4 but for the time binge many of us change ownership and join newly young people. Now we are more than 15 and many freelancers are successful for our group where we are really happy and proud. A main owner person is Rajib Humaun.

What we do?

WP GROUP is one of the trusted business group in Khulna. We are working on multipurpose business sectors with a greater ambition. We have local bussiness that’s are mention on the fron page. As we mention our service.

  • IT Services
  • Outsourcing Training
  • Online Directori Service
  • Internet Marketing
  • Local Bussiness Service

Now day by day this small business group is growing and make new opportunities for the new freelancer. It is IT basis small business groups in Khulna and our research, how to start a small business in the local area.

We are also providing services on website design and development, web hosting services, domain sell, software development, Indian VISA process, WP charity project, up computer & compose, up a short film studio, up land properties, up online shop service, up news service etc.

Who with us?

Some of young youth are maker of this institution. Who started this group for assist people. MD Ra jib Human was the founder ot this IT group. Also we have some worker wo are IT expert.

To know details call us +8801915111799

about wp group


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