A Bangladesh government online website helping in different ways. Though Bangladesh is a middle-class country, but now got: priority on the online activities. Government lunch online service in most of the sector. Many websites are providing direct online service for the people of Bangladesh. Some of the government website is not maintained properly, but many of them still providing essential services as they should. Moreover, read this article to get an idea about Bangladesh related all kinds of information.

Bangladesh government website Election Commission

One of the popular web address is nidw.gov.bd. Moreover, through this website, you can register as a new voter and update your information as an old voter. Not only check voter ID card but also different service and information available on the site.

A list of popular Bangladesh government web portals are below. So follow the link bellow.

Health Service through Mobile Phone government online help service

Now in Bangladesh can get help through mobile service. Basically, they can take health suggestions free through mobile from government health center. District and sub-district hospital this phone number provided to call doctors. So, Anyone can find this number also here www.dghs.gov.bd. Howover, Doctors receive the call 24 hours. Busy people call free without attending at the hospital.

To find your nearest district mobile number to get the help you can find easily here. So the link is here Mobile Phone Health Service

National Helpline Centre for Violence against Women and Children

In our country, many women and children are facing problem different kinds of violence. So, Many of them are don’t’ know how to prevent it. That’s why a helpline center for the Bangladeshi women and children victim was founded on 19th June 2012 to provide the immediate service to victims and links up to relevant agencies. The helpline number is 10921 It’s 24 hours, seven days a week available and toll-free number.

National Legal Aid Services Organization

  1. You can get help about Legal advice.
  2. Also get help Legal Support
  3. ADR / Dispute resolution in alternative method

Bangladesh government website Information Help

Firstly there is a number of a category you can find help. So, Bangladesh government online help service providing different type of help service. Additionally on this list you can find important Bangladesh government service information.

Finally to know how to get online help from Bangladesh you may read this informative articles. As a Bangladesh you need to have knowledge which website provide service for the people of Bangladesh. Moreover it will help you as a citizen of Bangladesh.