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Bangladesh is a small country. In this small country, there are many Bangle newspapers. Not only news paper, but also news portal and Bangladeshi News Sites are available. They are providing news daily, weekly and monthly. So, you can visit those Bangladesh newspaper online website, news portal, online paper etc to get news updates. In this post you can find all Bangladesh newspaper list with web links.

We are mentioned here some of the popular news website in Bangladesh. Moreover, we include informative information about Bangladesh newspaper. Though our country is small but there have number of newspaper, TV channels, Magazines and online Bangla newspapers, online News portal or news Blog websites. However, there are many web directory providing but we tried to bring here popular all Bangladesh newspaper list.

Top Bangladesh newspaper list

1. Prothom Alo

Prothm alo is the best and most popular media in our country. Moreover, a number of visitors are like and trust this news website. It published from our capital city Dhaka Bangladesh. Moreover, in this Bangladesh newspaper is most sell newspaper agency. If you want to contact with Prothom Alo. As per 2013 report paper curculation 525,000.

  • Started in 4 November 1998
  • Type daily newspaper and news portal
  • Publisher as well as editor of Prothom Alo is Motiur Rahman. Onwer Transcom Group
  • Address Pragati Insurance Bhaban, 20-21, Kawran Bazar, Dhaka – 1215, Bangladesh
  • Phone: 8180078-81, Email:


Daily amardesh is one of the top Bangladeshi newspaper. First published in Dhaka Bangladesh. The editor of this daily Amardesh newspapers is the most famous person in Bangladesh. Additionally many Bangladeshi reader trust this newspaper agency.

This newspaper Published by Amardesh publications ltd. Approximetly daily curculation more than 200,000. Additionally, Political alignment by Bangladesh national party.

  • Started in 2014
  • Editor in charge of this newspaper is Mahmudur Rahman. Publisher Alhaj Hasmot Ali.
  • Address is 446/d Tejgaong industrial are, Dhaka-1208
  • Phone number 8159575 and 8159582. Email number info@amardeshonline.comAnother

3. Bangladesh protidin

Another one of the top newspaper in Bangladesh is Bangladesh protidin. It is a trusted newspaper of East west media group. Moreover, this website is published from Dhaka, Bangladesh.

Bangladesh protidin is coorganigetion East-west media group that is own by Bashundhara Group. As per wikipedia this news paer is the highest circulated among 345 news paer in Bangladesh.

  • Founded in 2010
  • Editor is Naem Nizam as well as publisher is Moynal Hossain Chowdhury.
  • Address is Plot # 371/a, Block-D, Bashundhar, Baridhara, Dhaka-1229.
  • Phone: 8402361-3, E-mail :

4. Daily Ittefaq

The daily Ittefaq is one of the old Bangladeshi newspaper. Published from Dhaka till 1971 as well as printed by Ittefaq Group of Publications Limited. Basically a group of people who are above 30 like this newspaper to ready dailies.

Daily Ittefaq political alignment is Secular/Liberal. Moreover, this oldest popular news agency provides daily news on their online portal. You can get instant news and Khobor on your mobile phone.

  • Founded in 1953
  • Now Publisher Tareen Hossain as well as Editor Anwar Hossain Monju.
  • Address: 40 Kawran bazar, Dhaka-1215.
  • Phone:8189971,7122664, E-mail :

5. Daily Kalerkantho

The daily kalerkontho is another Bengali newspapers in Bangladesh. The east western advertising party released this news paper that is sister concern Bashundhara Group. Bangladeshi people read this news source every day.

Daily Kalerkantho dailies published more than 280,000 copies. Not only paper you, but also online media publication is available over the internet. Additionally, on their paper and pages, many feature pages are included, those are popular with many readers.

  • First published on 10 January 2010.
  • Editor is Emdadul Hoque Milon and publisher Amit Habib.
  • Address is Plot-371/a, Block-D, Bashundhur Baridhara, Dhaka-1229.
  • Phone:- 8402372-75, E-mail :

6. Daily Nayadiganta

Daily Nayadiganta is one of the Bangladeshi Nationalistic newspaper. It is an anti communist newspaper. Basically known the daily Nayadiganta. Moreover, this is most fundamentalist newspaper in Dhaka. Diganta media corporation is published this popular Bangladesh newspaper.

However, this news media are part of Diganta Media Corporation. Additionally, I want to take a but Mir Quasem Ali, a Jammat-e-Islami Bangladesh politician who own. So a number of related people are reading this paper.

  • First published is 2004.
  • Publisher of this newspaper is Shamsul Huda and Editor Alamgir Mohiuddin
  • Address is 167/2-E. Ener circular road, Eden Complex, Motizil, Dhaka-1000
  • Phone: 7191017-9, 7193383-4, Email:

7. Bhorer Kagoj

One of the daily Bangla language newspaper is Bhorer Kagoj. Million people are reading this paper from printed and online sources. Moreover, it is a top old Bangla language news media in Dhaka Bangladesh. Bhorer Kagoj was founded in 1992 and publish authenticate news in the country.

Additionally, this news source provides instant news every day from their trusted journalist all over the Bangladesh. Many journalists provide news from the abroad of Bangladesh.

  • Bhorer Kagoj was founded in 1992.
  • Publisher Saber Hossain Chowdhury and the is Editor Shyamal Dutta.
  • Address is Karnaphuli Point 70 New Circular Road Malibagh, Dhaka Bangladesh.
  • Phone number 9360285, 8331074,

8. BBC71

BBC71 is another news service provider in Bangladesh. Honestly the news agency BBC71 is not highly popular, but it is growing online news service provider in Bangladesh. So, news reader in our country can find reliable and trusted news here.

Basically, this Bangla news service in in Khulna is. Moreover, they publish print and online news portal in Bangladesh. Basically local news is most popular on this news website. However, a number of people regular visits this site.

  • It was founded in 2012.
  • Publisher Md Rajib Humaun as well as the is Editor Hiramon Sagor.
  • Address is Joy Bangla More, Sonadangha Bypass Road Khulna Bangladesh.
  • Phone number 01915111799, Email

9. Daily Inqilab

Daily Inqilab is another oldest popular newspaper in Bangladesh. It was first published from Dhaka by Inqilab enterprise Publications Ltd. Moreover, this news agency political views are liberal.

As an old newspaper in Bangladesh this media provides realistic news for the regular Reaser. So you can read this popular and trusted newspaper. Additionally the daily news Inqilab is popular all around the country.

  • It was founded in Founded 1986.
  • Publisher as well as editor of Inqilab is A M M Baha Uddin.
  • Address is 2/1, RK Mission road, Dhaka-1203.
  • Phone: 9590801-6, Fax: 9590811,

10. Daily Jugantor

Daily Jugator is another most popular Bangla newspaper of the Jamuna Group in Bangladesh. Besides the Businessman Md. Babul is a good man and who published this paper to sake of his business named Jamuna group. So it is a trusted newspaper in Bangladesh.

Therefore a number of printed copies of Daily Jugantor publish in Bangladesh. Early in the morning the newspaper is distributed around the country. In village and urban area this particular newspaper is more popular. Additionally daily this paper circulation is 8419229.

  • It was founded in February 1, 2000.
  • Editor in charge Saiful Alam and Publisher Salma Islam
  • Ka-244 Progotisoroni, Kuril, Baridhara, Dhaka-1229.
  • Phone: 8419211-5, E-mail

All Bangladesh Newspaper List With Website Links

11. Daily Sangram

It is an oldest as well as Islamic motivated newspaper in Bangladesh. However Daily Sangram Editor is Abul Asad. The publisher is Bangladesh publications Ltd. Printed by Al Falah Printing Press, Address: 423 Elephant Road, Boro moghbazar, Dhaka-1217. The phone number is 02 9346448, Fax: 02 9337127. Additionally, e-mail is

12. Daily Shokaler Khobor

Daily Shokaler Khobor is one of the popular news agencies and trusted newspaper in our country. Editor of this newspaper is Mozammel Hossen. Also Published by Dainik scalar khobor publications Ltd. As well as publisher Romo Rouf Chowdhury. The address of the newspaper is 153/7 Tejgoang B/A, Dhaka-1208. Also Phone number is 7117799. Moreover Fax is 9560338. Email:

13. Amar Sangbad

Daily Shokaler Khobor is one of the popular news agencies and trusted newspaper in our country. Editor of this newspaper is Mozammel Hossen. Also Published by Dainik scalar khobor publications Ltd. As well as publisher Romo Rouf Chowdhury. The address of the newspaper is 153/7 Tejgoang B/A, Dhaka-1208. Also Phone number is 7117799. Moreover Fax is 9560338. Email:

14. Daily Manabzamin

Daily Manabzamin news paper is the most popular around the country. Moreover all type of people are read this newspaper. Not only printed news provider but also there have online media page. Hopefully more than 11,000,000 page view per day. So this Tabloid news paper is most common in Bangladesh. However Publisher of this news paper is Mahbuba Chowdhury and the Editor-in-chief is Matiur Rahman Chowdhury. Additionally it’s Founded in 1997.

15. Amader Somoy

Amader Somoy is a Bangla language newspaper in our country. Since 2012 this newspaper providing news around the country. However a number of audience are loving this paper. Moreover, they are providing authenticate news in Bangladesh. It was founded in 2003. Amar Somoy news paper Publisher Notun Vision Private LTD and the Editor-in-chief is Mohammad Golam Sarwar.

16. Samakal

Since 31 May 2005 Samakal publish news daily. More than a circulation copy of Samakal is around 200,000. Moreover, one of the top news agencies in the domestic area. However, Publisher A.K. Azad and Editor Mustafiz Shafi (acting). As a result the news maintains quality. So, you can read their news from website or printed.

17. Janakontho

Personally, I read the daily Janakantho. Not only popular, but also a trusted old news agency in the Dhaka Bangladesh. Basically, it was first published in 21 February 1993. So the newspaper started its journey with printing, but at the current both print and online news portal versions are available.


19. Jaijai din

20. Daily Manobkantha

21. SuproBhat Bangladesh

22. Bangladesh Shomoy

23. Daily Bonikbarta

24. Daily Dinkal

25. Alokito Bangladesh

26. Daily Destiny





31. The Daily AgniShikha

32. Daily Dhakar Dak












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Not only Bangladed but also local news paper such as Khulna division news portal and newspaper list you can see. Moreover you can find in our website top 10 bangla news paper list.

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