Bangladesh Top 10 Bank

The banking sector in Bangladesh is doing good and there performances really praiseworthy. There are many banks in our country popular and stander. In the same way, local bank and foreign bank working the same way. Before mention Bangladesh Top 10 Bank you might visit our all bank list article. Now banking service in Bangladesh becomes a hallmark.

  1. Islami Bank Bangladesh

    IBBL bankIslami Bank Bangladesh Ltd. is one of the top level and popular Bank in Bangladesh. This bank incorporated on 13 March 1983 as a public limited company Act 1913. Share holder of this bank 36.91% local and 63.09% foreign. Briefly known as IBBL and it is one the leading commercial bank in Bangladesh. In 1999 it’s awarded as the best bank of the country. For excellent banking solution and service, it’s awarded 2000 year.It is listed with Dhaka securities market Ltd. and urban center securities market Ltd. licensed Capital of the Bank is Tk. 20,000.00 Million and paid Capital is Tk. 16,099.90 Million having thirty-three,686 shareholders as on thirty-first December 2016.

      • Islami Bank Strategic & Objectives

        I’s insure customers’ satisfaction.

        Another objective is welfare oriented banking.

        Always prioritize the client’s welfare.

        Achieve global standard.

        To strengthen corporate culture.

  2. Dutch- Bangla Bank

    Dutch-Bangla Bank Limited

    DBBL is a popular most usable bank in Bangladesh. Secondly Dutch-Bangla Bank Limited is a scheduled joint venture commercial, inovetiveand advance technology Bangladeshi bank. It’s the largest donor bank amongst all Bangladeshi banks. More than 18,999,000 customers use DBBL. In banking 21 Years in Banking 165 Branches 4417 APM both and Bangladesh’s first joint venture bank. Bangladesh Top 10 Bank list DBBL is no 2.

    • Number of employees: 1,600
    • Founded: 1996
    • Headquarters: Dhaka, Bangladesh
    • Products: Nexus Debit & Credit Card
  3. Prime Bank

    Prime BankPrime Bank manages a highly professional team who is dedicated there service professional in banking and Established in 1995. ICAB National Awards for Best Published Accounts and Reports in 2002. It’s had more than 60 branches. This bank fully follows the international stander finance and banking system.

    • Founded: 1995
    • Number of employees: 2,867
    • Headquarters: Dhaka, Bangladesh
  4. HSBC Bank

    hsbc bankHSBC Bank is the largest banking and financial service providers worldwide and it has international network 7,500 offices over 81 countries and territories in Europe. Hong Kong, Shanghai Banking Corporation Ltd is one of the multinational financial agencies. Most of the country has its branches. One of the top choices of Bangladeshi people is HSBC Bank. The first branch opens in Bangladesh in 1996. They are providing clients friendly financial service is on the Bangladeshi people. Above all list Bangladesh Top 10 Bank serial HSBC is 3rd.

    • Customer service: +1 800-975-4722
    • CEO: António Pedro dos Santos Simões
    • Headquarters: London, United Kingdom
    • Founder: Thomas Sutherland
    • Parent organization: HSBC
  5. Standard Chartered Bank

    stander carter bkAt first Standard hired PLC may be a British transnational banking and money services company headquartered in London. It has more than 1,200 branches and more than 70 countries activities also they are expanding their activities all over the world and this bank employs around 87,000 people in whole branches.

    1. Stock price: 2888 (HKG) HK$74.40 -1.10 (-1.46%)
    2. Headquarters: London, United Kingdom
    3. CEO: Bill Winters since (Jun 10, 2015–)
    4. Operating income: 409 million USD (2016) Revenue: 14.06 billion USD (2016)
    5. Total assets: 646.7 billion USD (2016)
    6. Subsidiaries: Bank Permata, Standard Chartered Hong Kong,
  6. BRAC Bank Limited

    bracbankBRAC Bank is a first growing popular private commercial bank in our country who mainly focused on Small and Medium class Enterprises. This bank long time working for the Bangladeshi people like health, poor women, poor people its programs. With 156 outlets, over 310 ATMs and over 700,100 plastics on the market so BRAC Bank offers a financial solution for any client need as per their requirement.

    • Founder: Fazle Hasan Abed
    • Founded: July 4, 2001
    • Number of employees: 8,200
    • Headquarters: Dhaka, Bangladesh
    • Subsidiaries: bKash
    • Parent organizations: BRAC, International Finance Corporation
  7. State Bank of India

    indian st bankState Bank of India is public financial service provider multinational banking company. At least it’s a government-owned with its headquarters in Mumbai, Maharashtra India. It has 13000 branches as a result 5 associate banks  43,000+ ATMs in India.

    • Stock price: SBIN (NSE) ₹290.90 +0.80 (+0.28%)
    • Chairperson: Arundhati Bhattacharya
    • Headquarters: Mumbai, India
    • Founded: July 1, 1955
    • Capital ratio: 13.12% (2016)
    • Total assets: only if 22.59 trillion INR although (US$340 billion, 2016)
  8. Bank Asia Limited

    bank asiaThe private sector commercial bank is Bank Asia Limited in Bangladesh otherwise there working area is expanding day by day. However this bank archive public trust with modern techniques. We want to say more importantly this bank is popular by the BD people at any rate. For the purpose of remittance they there financial activities is good.

    • Founded: 1999
    • Headquarters: Dhaka, Bangladesh
    • Subsidiaries: BA Exchange Company (UK) Limited
  9. Grameen Bank

    Grameen BankAfter researchers, Professor Muhammad Yusuf in 1976 started Grameen Bank company activities. This organization main focus for poor people, women children. They started macro credit to develop the poor family. They manage more than 2565 branches in all over Bangladesh and Grameen Bank is a Nobel Prize winner Institute by Muhammad Yusuf.

    • Founder: Muhammad Yunus
    • Founded: 1983, Bangladesh
    • Headquarters: Dhaka, Bangladesh
    • Number of employees: 24,703
    • Number of locations: 2,565 (July 2010)
    • Subsidiaries: Grameen Healthcare Trust
  10. Janata Bank Limited

    Jmuna bank

    More then 844 branches have all over the country and Janata Bank and established in 1971. It’s second largest commercial bank in Bangladesh and to tell the truth, it has 4 branches in United Arab Emirates. In short Janata Bank trusted by rural area of Bangladesh.

    •  Founded: 1971
    • Number of employees: 14,151 (2015)
    • Headquarters: Dhaka, Bangladesh
    • Type of business: State/Government owned
    • Key people: Shaikh Md. Wahid-uz-Zaman (Chairman)

All Bank list of Bangladesh

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