All Bangladeshi Bank List And Web Address

There are number of Banks is working in Bangladesh. Some of them are government and some of them are non governments. We are trying to explain here with short information to help our readers, providing all Banks in Bangladesh. So, here we are mentioning different category of Bangladesh bank information that can assist readers to their banking and business activities on this Bangladeshi Bank List.

Here you can fine all Bangladeshi Banks name and their web address, contact information etc. In our another article you can find Bangladesh Top 10 Banks list. Moreover all the Baks nessecerry informations.

Central Bank Of Bangladesh

Bangladesh Bank

Bangladesh Bank Order in 1972 the Government of Bangladesh. Reorganized the Dhaka Branch of the State Bank of Pakistan as the central bank of the country. So, the name was Bangladesh Bank with retrospective effect from 16 December 1971.

Bangladesh Bank is the central bank of Bangladesh. Moreover, it is a member of the Asian Clearing Union. The bank is active in developing green banking and financial inclusion policy. Also this is an important member of the Alliance for Financial Inclusion.

Scheduled Bangladeshi Bank List

There are now 6 non-scheduled banks in our country. Scheduled Banks are licensed under the Bank Company Act, 1991. Moreover, this scheduled bank is a bank which by notification in the official gazette.

State Owned Commercial Banks

Agrani Bank Limited1. Agrani Bank Limited

Agrani Bank may be a leading comarcial bank in Bangladesh. Basically there have additional 935 retailers banks. Also, the Bank is headed by the director and Chief Officer. The bank has eleven Circle offices as well as thirty four Divisions in head workplace. Moreover, sixty two zonal offices and 935 branches as well as twenty seven company and forty AD branches.

Janata Bank Limited2. Janata Bank Limited

It is a state owned full service bank in Asian nation. Janata Bank was born with a replacement thought of distributed money desires of planned economic development of the country. It’s address is Janata Bhaban, 110, 1000 Bangladesh. Capital BDT 30,000 Million. Phone number is 88 02-9560000 as well as SWIFT number is JANBBDDH and E-mail

Rupali Bank Limited3. Rupali Bank Limited

Rupali Bank is a state owned commercial bank in Bangladesh. It’s founded in 1972 .The bank is Assures Better Service among the customers. Howover more than 4600 employees of this bank. The bank Aaddress is Head Office, ICTS Division, 9th floor, 34 Dilkusha C/A, Dhaka-1000. Phone number is +88-02-9551624-25 and Fax is +88-02-9564148 as well as E-mail:

Sonali Bank Limited4. Sonali Bank Limited

Sonali Bank Limited is a state-owned leading commercial bank in Bangladesh. Therefor it is one of the largest bank of the country. Employees of this bank is more then 21,839. Howovwr, this bank is founded in 1972. Key people is Fazle Kabir (Chairman). Address of the bank is Mirpur Rd, Dhaka 1215, Phone: +880 2-9112631.

Bangladesh Development Bank5. Bangladesh Development Bank

Bangladesh Development Bank Ltd is another popular bank in our country. The bank came into Shalpo Rin Sangstha. So this bank were established 2009. The employers of this bank is 800 and have different type of business as State owned bank. Howover, It’s total assets is about 144.3 million USD. So the address is Rajuk Avenue, 8 DIT Ave, Dhaka 1000 Bangladesh. The Phone number is +880 2-9558326.

BASIC Bank Limited6. BASIC Bank Limited

Basically, BASIC Bank Limited is a fully government owned bank in Bangladesh which was founded in 2 August 1988. Also the bank was founded as finance small enterprises. Authorized capital of the bank is Tk. 25,000.00 million. As well as It’s address is Sena Kalyan Bhaban (5th Floor), 195, Kamalapur Box Culvert Rd Dhaka, Bangladesh 1000. Phone number is 02-9564830.

Specialized Banks

Bangladesh Krishi Bank7. Bangladesh Krishi Bank

Bangladesh Krishi Bank absolutely government closely-held bank in East Pakistan. Howover, it is founded in 1973. One of the first purpose of the bank is to supply services to farmers and agricultural business. Within the rural space this bank is extremely standard. Moreover,  SWIFT Codes of the bank is BKBABDDH as well as Contact Number is (+88 02) 956 0021, FAX number is (+88 02) 956 1211 and

Bangladesh Samabaya Bank Ltd8. Bangladesh Samabaya Bank Ltd

This bank mainly work work for tiny creadite, cooperetive loan, native folks development through cooperetive monetary activitis. Howover, Bangladesh Samabaya Bank head office is 9-D, Motijheel / A, Dhaka-1000, as well as the phonephone  is 029590889 asn email:

Rajshahi Krishi Unnayan Bank9. Rajshahi Krishi Unnayan Bank (RAKUB)

Rajshahi Krishi Unnayan Bank is a state-owned bank in Bangladesh, a specialized financial institution for financing the farmers of the 16 districts of Rajshahi and Rangpur. Howover, the Present authorized capital of the bank amounts is Tk. 10000 million and paid-up capital TK 7000 million. Additionally reserves stand at Tk. 208.50 million. Founded in 1987 and headquarters is Rajshahi, Bangladesh.

10 Ansar-VDP Unnayan Bank

Ansar-VDP Unnayan Bank- a Government owned Specialized Bank that was established in 1995. The main objectives of this bank is alleviate poverty of marginal Ansar-VDP members. Howover, it is Address 14, Outer Circular Rd, Dhaka 1217, Bangladesh. The main motive of the bank is to work for the answer VDP trust.

11. Karmashangosthan Bank

Karmasangsthan Bank is a specialised government owned bank in Bangladesh. The bank was founded to finance the unemployed to set up small enterprises. By the by Address is Rajuk Avenue. Dhaka-1000, Bangladesh. Phone : 02-9562290, 02-9559468

12. Probashi Kollyan Bank

Probashi Kallyan Bank is a state-owned bank in Bangladesh. It is a specialized financial institution for nonresidents. Basically, this bank is founded for the help of foreign people on BD. How over the bank is Founded in 2010. Basically, this Bank helps produce people. The bank Address is is 71-72, 1000 Old Elephant Rd, Dhaka, Bangladesh. Additionally Phone number is +88028321979+880 2-8321979

13. Palli Sanchay Bank

Palli sanchay is another Bank who is running their activities in Palli area. For instant, there most of the clients from village. So, Bangladeshi Bank List this bank is popular. Moreover, people are open account with this Bank. The bank is working several development programs related to Palli area.

Private Commercial Bangladeshi Bank List

14. AB Bank Limited

AB Bank is a leading private sector bank in Bangladesh. Howover In 31 December 1981 the Bank started. Also this was first joint venture private bank in Bangladesh. Moreover in 14 November 2007 Bangladesh bank approved the name change to AB Bank from Arab Bangladesh Bank. Since they are doing good on the banking sectors. However, headoffice is in Dhaka. Additionally phone is +880-2-9560312 as well as Fax is +880-2-9564122. Email number is as well as SWIFT code ABBLBDDH.

15. Bangladesh Commerce Bank Limited

Bangladesh Commerce Bank Limited is a private sector commercial bank in Bangladesh. This bank is founded in 1997. Additionally one of the top popular bank in local. So to contact Bank address is Dhaka, Bangladesh. Additionally Phone are 9571581, 9559831-2 and 9563757 FAX: +880-2-9568218 and SWIFT code is BCBLBDDH as well as

16. Bank Asia Limited

Bank Asia Limited is a private sector commercial bank in Bangladesh. Thus Mr. Arfan Ali is the President and Managing Director of the bank. The address is Rangs Tower (2nd to 6th Floor) 68, Purana Paltan Dhaka-1000. Tell number is 02- 7110042,7110062 as well as Fax is 88-02-7175524 and E-mail  is

17. BRAC Bank Limited

BRAC Bank is a private commercial bank in Bangladesh focused on Small and Medium Enterprises. So, one of the most popular servie is bkash and it is one of the top popular Bank in our country. Additionally the bank is a rising service provider in banking abd finacial sector. Founder is Fazle Hasan Abed.  Howover, the SWIFT code is BRAKBDDH as well as E-mail Lastly Phone number is 8801301-3.

18. City Bank Limited

City Bank is one of the oldest private Commercial Banks operating in Bangladesh. Moreover, It is a top bank among the oldest five Commercial Banks in the country. Therefore the address is City Bank Center 136, Gulshan Avenue, Gulshan-2 Dhaka-1212, Bangladesh. Additionally help numbers are  02 58813483, 58814375 and 58813126. Fax number is 02 9884446.

19. Dhaka Bank Limited

Currently the bank has 82 branches and 3 SME Service Centers around the country. Thus the bank was founded in July 5 1995, Dhaka, Bangladesh. The bank Number of locations: 82. The address of this popular bank is 71, Purana Paltan Lane, Dhaka. In addition to the Phone number is +8802 5831 4424. Fax is 8802 5831 4419. Email: and then to summarize the Swift code is DHBLBDDH.

20. Dutch-Bangla Bank Limited

Dutch-Bangla Bank Limited is a popular bank in Bangladesh. In addition to DBBL is a scheduled joint venture commercial bank between local Bangladeshi parties by M Sahabuddin Ahmed and a Dutch company FMO. Happy Customers  more than 18989000. In 21 Years in Banking 165 Branches 4417. Fax is (8802) 9561889 and the SWIFT code is DBBLBDDH.

21. Eastern Bank Limited

Eastern Bank Limited is a commercial bank and the bank headquartered in Dhaka, Bangladesh. Contact number of this bank is + 88 02 9556360 a Fax is + 88 02 9562364 as well as Swift Code is EBLDBDDH The Head Office of Eastern Bank Ltd. 10 Dilkusha C/A Jiban Bima Bhaban, Dhaka Bangladesh. A number of branches of this bank around the country.

22. IFIC Bank Limited

The International Finance Investment and Commerce Bank Limited is a private commercial bank in Bangladesh. However, the majority of the shares are owned by the Government of Bangladesh. Moreover, In 2013 IFIC announced planned to become a sharia compliant bank. Address is IFIC Tower 61 Purana Paltan, Dhaka-1000 Bangladesh also the phone number is 9563020. Fax  number is 880-2- 9587154 and E-mail: as well as Swift code is IFIC BD DH.

23. Jamuna Bank Limited

Jamuna Bank Limited is a private commercial bank in Bangladesh registered under the Companies Act 1994. It has  established on June 3, 2001 with 112 branches as of December, 2016. Hence, the bank physical address is Hadi Mansion, 2, Dilkusha C/A, Dhaka – 1000. Phone is +88 02 9570912 and Email is as well as SWIFT code is JAMUBDDH.

24. Meghna Bank Limited

Meghna Bank Limited is a bank in Bangladesh that was founded on April 21, 2013. Hence Nurul Amin is this Bank MD. Here is the Address of the bank 41/B chamelibag, Dhaka, Bangladesh. How over the phone number is +880 2-9358157. Generally, business owner is like this bank to open business accounts.

25. Mercantile Bank Limited

Bangladeshi Bank List Mercantile Bank Limited is a commercial bank headquartered in Dhaka, Bangladesh. The service of this bank is really good. Mercantile Bank inaugurated its 139th Branch at Arambag in Dhaka. 10-Mar-2019. MBL celebrated International important day. Not only they attend different cultural program, but also they work on charitable programs.

26. Midland Bank

Midland Bank Limited (MDB) inaugurated another Agent Banking Booth at Narayanpur Bazar of Balabo Thana, Narsingdi on 3rd May, 2017 The bank take modern Banking services to the unbanked masses. Contact numbr of the bank is  +88 096 66 410 888 and the email is

27. Modhumoti Bank Limited

This is one of the popular Bangladeshi Bank. The address of the bank is DCCI building, 65-66, Motijheel Rd, Dhaka 1000, Bangladesh. So the Phone number of the bank is +880 1718-887893. You can open your saving account on this bank. Some of the banking service fees are small from the other bank service.

28. Mutual Trust Bank Limited

Mutual Trust Bank Limited is private commercial bank in Bangladesh. MTB Wins DHL-Daily Star Bangladesh Business Award as the Best Financial Institution of the Year 2014. Additionally office address is MTB Square (Level 3), 210/A/1 Tejgaon Industrial Area, Dhaka 1208. Contact number is 8831824 as well Mobile is 01914736263. You can contact with Email:

29. National Bank Limited

The National Bank Limited is a public limited bank in Bangladesh. Also AFM Shariful Islam is the present Managing Director of the bank. Additionally the bank main address is 18 Dilkusha Commercial Area, Dhaka, Bangladesh. As per contact call to Phone 88-02-9563081-5 and 88-02-9587464-5. Moreover you can Fax with 88-02-9563953. SWIFT coe of the bank is NBLBBDDH adn E-mail is

30. National Credit & C ommerce Bank Limited

NCC Bank Limited or National Credit and Commerce Bank Limited are a Bangladeshi private commercial bank. As a rule SM Abu Mohsin is the present chairman of the bank. As a result, we have added number 17 on the Bangladeshi Bank List. In addition to the bank is working on the different financial support program in Bangladesh.

31. NRB Bank Limited

NRB Bank known as Migrants’ Sponsored Banking [MSB] system. This bank is a newly invented banking structure in which initial capital funded by non-resident nationals. Address of the bank is Anarkali 89 Gulshan Avenue, Gulshan – 1, Dhaka, Bangladesh. SWIFT Code: NRBDBDDH  T:+55068724-7 F:880-2-55068733

32. One Bank Limited

ONE Bank Limited is a private sector commercial bank in Bangladesh. It is the business of taking deposits from public through various saving schemes and lending the fund in various sectors at a higher margin. However, HRC Bhaban, 46, Kawran Bazar C/A, Dhaka-1215, Bangladesh. Phone contact is +88 02 9118161 and Fax is +88 02 9134794 and E-mail:

33. Premier Bank Limited

Premier Bank Limited is a private sector commercial bank in Banani, Dhaka, Bangladesh. In addition to IQBAL CENTRE, 42 Kemal Ataturk Avenue, Banani, Dhaka-1213. Tel is 880-2-9820844-8 and Fax is 880-2-8815393, 9889153. SWIFT Code of the bank is PRMRBDDH. On the queue  of Bangladeshi Bank List this bank is one of the top rank.

34. Pubali Bank Limited

Pubali Bank is the largest private commercial bank in Bangladesh. Habibur Rahman is the present chairman of the bank. Hopefully the bank is working for the Bangladeshi people. Moreover the bank is enough old. Not only the bank is old but also working on the different charity program over the country for the people.

35. South Bangla Agriculture & Commerce Bank Limited

South Bangla Agriculture and Commerce Bank Limited is incorporated in Bangladesh as a banking company in 2013. It is under Companies Act.1994. Moreover The central bank of Bangladesh, issued banking license under Banking Companies Act.1991. This bank head office is 37, Dilkusha C/A Sunmoon Star Tower (11th Floor) Dhaka- 1000, Bangladesh.

36. Southeast Bank Limited

Bangladeshi Bank List this Southeast Bank Limited is a private commercial bank in Bangladesh . Thus the Address of the bank is Eunoos Trade Center 52-53, Dilkusha, C/A (Level – 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 9, 10 & 16) Dhaka – 1000, Bangladesh. Communication Telephone number are (88-02)9571115, 7160866, 9555466 and 7173793. SWIFT code of the bank is SEBDBDDH.

37. Standard Bank Limited

Standard Bank Limited is a private commercial bank in Bangladesh. Mamun-Ur-Rashid is the managing director of the bank as of 2 October 2016. Additionally Metropolitan office address is Chamber Building 122-124 Motijheel C/A, Dhaka-1000 Bangladesh. Telephone number is +88 02 9578385,. Swift code of the bank is SDBLBDDH.

38. The Farmers Bank Limited

The Farmers Bank Limited is a Bangladeshi commercial bank headquartered at Glushan-1, Dhaka.  Basically a fourth generation bank commenced its banking operation on June 3, 2013 licensed by Bangladesh Bank, the central bank of Bangladesh. Moreover the address is Jabber Tower, 42 Gulshan Avenue, Dhaka-1212. Phone is +88 02 985 0627, Fax : +880 2 985 0626 and SWIFT code is FRMSBDDH.

39. Trust Bank Limited

Trust Bank Limited is a private commercial bank established in 1999 in Bangladesh. The chief of Bangladesh army is its chairman. The address of the main office is Bir Srestha Shaheed Jahangir Gate, Dhaka Cantonment, Dhaka-1206. Tel is 9850635 and Fax is 9850651 as well as SWIFT code is TTBLBDD. Generally, this bank lunch by Bangladesh army.

40. United Commercial Bank Limited

United Commercial Bank Ltd is a private sector commercial bank in Bangladesh. Also they provide advance banking service over the country. Head office of the bank is Plot – CWS- (A)-1 Road No – 34 Gulshan Avenue, Dhaka-1212. Phone number  is +88-02-55668070 as well as Fax number is +88-02-55668070-6000. You can send massage them  E-Mail  S.W.I.F.T code is UCBLBDDH.

41. Uttara Bank Limited

Uttara Bank Limited is one of the largest and oldest private sector commercial banks in Bangladesh. There are 224 branches at home and 600 affiliates worldwide. So the contact address is 47, Shahid Bir Uttom Asfaqus Samad Sarak (Former 90, Motijheel Commercial Area) Motijheel, Dhaka-1000. SWIFT code of the bank is UTBLBDDH.

42. Shimanto Bank Ltd

Shimanto Bank Ltd is fully owned by Border Guard Bangladesh. It is for there Welfare Trust  and added Bangladeshi Bank List– a solid welfare initiative for the employees of Border Guard Bangladesh (BGB). So the office of the bank is Road # 2, Bir Uttam M. A. Rob Sarak, Shimanto Square, Dhanmondi, Dhaka-1205, Bangladesh. Moreover the phone is +8809612999000.

Islamic Shariah based Commercial Banks

  1. Al-Arafah Islami Bank Limited
  2. EXIM Bank Limited
  3. First Security Islami Bank Limited
  4. ICB Islamic Bank Limited
  5. Islami Bank Bangladesh Limited
  6. Shahjalal Islami Bank Limited
  7. Social Islami Bank Limited
  8. Union Bank Limited
  9. Bank Al-Falah Limited
  10. Citibank N.A
  11. Commercial Bank of Ceylon PLC
  12. Habib Bank Limited
  13. National Bank of Pakistan
  14. Standard Chartered Bank
  15. State Bank of India
  16. Woori Bank
  17. HSBC Bank

Non-Scheduled Banks

  1. Grameen Bank
  2. Jubilee Bank

Non Bank Financial Institutions Bangladeshi Bank List

  1. Investment Corporation of Bangladesh
  2. Bangladesh Industrial Finance Company Limited
  3. Agrani SME Financing Company Limited
  4. Bangladesh Finance and Investment Company Limited
  5. Bay Leasing and Investment Limited
  6. CAPM Venture Capital and Finance Limited
  7. Delta Brac Housing Finance Corporation Limited
  8. Far-east Finance & Investment Limited
  9. FAS Finance & Investment Limited
  10. Bangladesh Infrastructure Finance Fund Limited
  11. First Finance Limited
  12. GSP Finance Company (Bangladesh) Limited
  13. Hajj Finance Company Limited
  14. IDLC Finance Limited
  15. Industrial and Infrastructure Development Finance Company Limited
  16. Industrial Promotion and Development Company of Bangladesh Limited
  17. Infrastructure Development Company Limited
  18. International Leasing and Financial Services Limited
  19. Islamic Finance and Investment Limited
  20. LankaBangla Finance Limited
  21. Meridian Finance and Investment Limited
  22. MIDAS Financing Limited
  23. National Finance Limited
  24. National Housing Finance and Investments Limited
  25. People’s Leasing and Financial Services Limited
  26. Phoenix Finance and Investments Limited
  27. Premier Leasing & Finance Limited
  28. Prime Finance & Investment Limited
  29. Reliance Finance Limited
  30. Saudi-Bangladesh Industrial & Agricultural Investment Company Limited
  31. SEAF Bangladesh Venture Limited
  32. The UAE-Bangladesh Investment Company Limited
  33. Union Capital Limited
  34. United Finance Limited
  35. Uttara Finance and Investments Limited

Specialized Financial Institutions Bangladeshi Bank List

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