Do you know, only in USA there are 4.3 million people are blind. In Bangladesh more then 8,50,000 blind people  of whom 42,000 are under age of 16. Since 2005, more than 6,166 have been diagnosed with cataracts and 80% get eye-restoring surgery. Many people are watching many things when they only see a black hole. We ask some people what they want most of them want to see this earth how beautiful. Some of the blind have stunning merit like the blind musician in Bangladesh.

Blind Musician In Khulna

Many people have still want to help them. Many big and small organization working for them. Welfare and peace Foundation Khulna also helping them. This instigation is very small NGO recently help a man who is blind musician in the road. Most of the local people called him blind musician.

We have to meet with him. We have provided a very little help as per our ability. He wants help for food and shelter. I ask him, if we try to boost him asking help for his eye. He smiles and told me he wanted only food because he did not get it sometime.

Above the video you can watch at lest and pray for him. Who are kind hearten people they can contact with me or my organization Welfare & Peace Foundation Khulna who are working for them. People in Khulna love music and people are very interested with him.

In Bangladesh many people are needy where we are not able to help everyone but we can choose one or two as our ability. We are offering people to people throughout our NGO. In your local area if you see like them just contact with us so that we can visibly them in our busy society. Write us we will reply soon to help you. Our online help service published your story for peoples.


Whose eyes are blind, but the extraordinary tune of his Bashi. There are many people in the society for whom we can do a little bit. Come on let’s get the at-list sympathy. Because he’s missing this nice day today that you are enjoying with everyone. This man Khulna claims to get help. The people who find out our WP Team