Computer training center in Khulna

Khulna has some computer training institutions. WP Foundation is one of them who is providing their training service for the part of charity activities. We do not start our training service for profits, but this organization is providing their training service for charitable activities. So, you can develop your computer skilled from us. The computer training center in Khulna assists by the WP Foundation NGO.

What type of computer project do we provide?

Yes, we provide different types of computer training services for the learner. After you complete your training project we provide a certificate from our Welfare & Peace Foundation NGO. Not only basic computer training but also advance training provide in Khulna.

Our computer trading programs are MS word computer training, MS Access computer training, MS PowerPoint, MS excel computer, graphic design course, website design course, web development course, freelancer training course, data entry, SEO, SMM course for freelancer, etc. Computer training center in Khulna.

Who trains you?

Our computer training course in Khulna has some computer trainers who are very expert in the computer training profession. You can meet in our Khulna office to know details about the computer training program.

After passing SSC level you can take this training opportunity to make you skilled for the future freelancer. If you want to start the freelancing or outsourcing profession this train can be your primary step. So, to get online earning our computer training center in Khulna is ideal for it.

We have a professional freelancer trainer who is still earning from the internet. You can get some practical work projects as per your primary skill by our computer trainer.

Do you want to earn from the internet then you need first to make your computer skill on any program then you can bid to get an outsourcing job? Moreover, to earn from online you can come to our training institute to make your skill or expert. Now any office assistant job is needed basic computer skills. So you can take a basic computer course from our computer training institution.

We are popular in Khulna, Bangladesh as an old training institute. Additionally, It is an ideal computer training service center, no doubt about it. Contact to get the computer training center in Khulna Bangladesh.

How to contact with to involve in the training program?

You can call our hotline to know about our computer program details. Our WP IT office assistant will tell you details of an important subject that you want to know. So, contact us. As a result, you can get the right training.

Mobilenumber- 01915111799

Email: [email protected]

Bissha Road More, Mohammad Nagar, Khulna

WP Foundation is the best charity computer service, provider. The computer training center in Khulna is a charity online IT training center. Additionally. you can also get a free online training course from our website.

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Basically, we are IT basis NGO in Khulna. WP Foundation is an ideal training service provider. Here is another gov: institute The Central Computer Center (CCC) of KUET