Cryptocurrency is really wonder for its privacy, innovative featured and advance technology use case. It is a digital assert as well as an online payment system. For example, you heard about popular Cryptocurrency name Bitcoin. Basically. Cryptocurrency use block chain technology that is an open source public ledger system. In Bangladesh many people are leaking about Cryptocurrency. So, in this article I am going to focus different aspects of Cryptocurrency and Bitcoin.

Cryptocurrency Bangla Meaning

Cryptocurrency (ক্রিপটোকারেন্সি) is a digital currency. Moreover it is also called “Electronic Cash System” In Bangladesh it is an open secret to use this Photographically use decentralize blockchain currency. This secure currency is transferable within few second.

Where bank imposes high transaction fees to transfer money one account to another account domestic or aboard. Moreover, as a middle man they apply additional fees. On the other hand Cryptocurrency transaction cuts the middle man cost. Moreover, it will also fees less and fast transaction support around the work.

For example, if you want to send money Bangladesh to USA or want to receive money from any part of the world, it will take a short time, less fees and anonymously. As a result Cryptocurrency like Bitcoin getting popularity.

In 2017 the single Bitcoin price goes $20k. Moreover, as per Coinmarketcap total Cryptocurrency market capital about $800 billion. Though in 2018 and 2019 market goes down. But Crypto expert says it will grow gradually.

Bangladesh Cryptocurrency Regulation

In this section I am going to discus an important thing about Cryptocurrency regulation in Bangla. As a Bitcoin user, you need to know all the Cryptocurrency regulated matter in our country.

Honestly, there have no regulation about Cryptocurrency in Bangladesh. Still Bitcoin or Cryptocurrency is not legal in Bangladesh. But many people using and transaction in different way for different legal and illegal purpose.

Bangladesh bank already “Warning” about BTC and Cryptocurrency in 2014. In this warring they mention about any unauthorized digital currency trading could be against money laundering and exchange law 2012 and act 1947.

Moreover Bangladesh central Bank does not allow any virtual currency as a legal payment system. In 2017 when the Bitcoin popularity goes rapidly around the world, Bangladesh bank bring another “Cautionary Notice”.

However, in this notice they mention the Anti – Terrorism Act, 2009. As well as they discourage to use any type of digital currency.

For details guide you can read this article. Click to read Bitcoin Bangladesh beginner guide.

Cryptocurrency Exchange In Bangladesh

Bitcoin and other Cryptocurrency exchange in Bangladesh is not valid. But many Crypto trader and exchange are doing this. Some of them using  it for good purpose and many of the them for bad purpose.

So, if you want to use it for a better purpose than you can do it. Many exchange platforms give Cryptocurrency exchange in Bangladesh. Moreover, you can buy Bitcoin and other cryptocurrency from this country.

Here is an exchange list who are directly offering Cryptocurrency trade in Bangladesh.

Future Of Cryptocurrency In Bangladesh

It is not clear the future of Cryptocurrency in Bangladesh but we can only predict. Hence, the popularity of Bitcoin and other Cryptocurrency now most of the country in font of Crypto adaption. So, using Blockchain technology money transaction is now secure, anonymous, valid able, emutable fast and low fees featured.

Mining in Bangladesh

Crypto Mining in Bangladesh

Bitcoin around the world

World economy, leading country recognized Crypto as a valid assert in 2012. Another example Russia also plans to create their own Cryptocurrency. Japan another world top financial strong country accept Crypto as a valid payment solution. Australia makes a positive format for Crypto. India also plans to lunch blockchain consortium behind the technology.

Bangladesh and Bitcoin

Though Bitcoin is not used randomly in our country. However, we have already mentioned about using Cryptocurrency in Bangladesh is banned. So, you can not buy, sell and trade Bitcoin in Bangladesh. Some people are still trade and doing Bitcoin mining in our country.

Finally, Cryptocurrency is now a trending innovative invention. As a Bangladeshi we should take this Blockchain technology advantage. If you are interest to know more about Cryptocurrency than you might watch Cryptocurrency YouTube Banga Channel.