Need a driving license in Bangladesh?

Do you know how to get a driving license in Bangladesh? Can you drive a car on the road? If you know how to drive. If you want to drive a car outside on the road, then you must have to conquer a license. Bangladesh Road Transport Authority (BRTA) provides these driver licenses. As I know you can get a driving license easily with few step. I am inviting you here to know about collecting driving license procedure.

At first to get a driving license you have to collect learner form from BRTA with some of task. You also can get a learner from BRTA office in free of cost. After filling up the learner’s form you have to deposit a fixed amount of fees to government bank. A Fee of Motorbike and car is same. But, a motorbike does not require always a professional license.

ড্রাইভিং লাইসেন্স প্রাপ্তির প্রক্রিয়া বাংলায় দেখুন

Driver license application  fee

For single vehicle 345 TK. (Including 15% VAT)
For double vehicle (Car and Motorbike) 518 TK. (Including 15% VAT)
Renewal Learner fee 87 TK. (Including 15% VAT)
To get a full term license from apprentice, you need to face an examination. You have to pay a fee for this examination too.
Amateur License fee: 2,300 TK. (Including 15% VAT).
Professional License fee: 1,438 TK. (Including 15% VAT)

Amateur driving license

To get an amateur driving license in Bangladesh you have to apply with additional papers as a learner’s or apprentice driving license. You have to apply in your nearest BRTA office. After then circle office provide him/her a Learner’s or apprentice driving license, so that the applicant may have a driving training. After training, the applicant has to pass an examination under District magistrate. If you want to participate in Dhaka district circle, then you have to go Ekuria, Keranigong.

Driver license written and viva exam

You have to face written, viva and practical driving test in the BRTA test center. Moreover, you have to answer out of short questions about Traffic Rules and traffic signs. So in this practical test you have to drive and show the examiner by driving forward-backward, right-left and according to examiner’s instruction. As a result, you might be eligible next step. So, If you are able to pass this step, then you will be getting a certificate.

BRTA Driving License Exam Questions and Answer

Click on the link to see and read BRTA driving license exam question and answer. BRTA driving license exam questions

The additional papers for apprentice driving license:

  • Application on determined from
  • Medical certificate by registered doctor
  • Attested national ID card’s photocopy
  • Submission fee receipts
  • Recently taken 3 copy stamp size and 1 copy passport size photos

On the day the applicant is to be present for the biometrics test (digital photograph, fingerprint, and digital signature). At the end of the process BRTA issue smart card. The smart card information is to sent via SMS. So, if you want to take driving license you need passing the three exams. Moreover you require documents and fees prescribed a form to apply for a driver’s license with a smart card.

On light professional (under the weight of 500 KGs motor vehicles) driving license candidate has to be at least 20 years old. As well as the medium professional (Motor vehicles weight 500 to 6500 kg) driving license candidate has to be at least 23 years old.

On the heavy professional (more than 6500 kg weight of motor vehicles) driving license, the candidate has to be at least 26 years old. In addition, at first, candidates have to receive the light one to achieve a heavy driving license. However, a minimum of three years, he can apply for a driving license on the medium.

After getting a medium driving license for three years, one can apply for the heavy driving license. Basically, after 10 years of amateur, professional 5 years license is issued. Moreover, you will be renew the license after issue date expires. Additionally you have to pay fees again for renewing a license in BRTA office.

You must submit all the required documents for renewal such as

  1.  Application in the prescribed form.
  2. A medical certificate from a registered doctor.
  3. Attested photocopy of the national ID card.
  4. Submission fee receipt.
  5.  The police report on the case of a driver’s license.
  6. Recently taken 1 copy of stamp and 1 copy passport size photographs.

If necessary, apply for a license as per rule. Through the license can be transferred to other areas. Moreover you can read all information in Bangladesh BRTA websites. Besides check BRTA website.

To apply, submitted the necessary documents as well as prescribed fee in certain BRTA circle office. If the application and attached documents are available perfectly, on the same day the applicant’s biometrics (digital photograph, fingerprint, and digital signature) are accepted. If a smart card printing is completed, the customer is informed via SMS.

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