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How much a youtuber earn in bangladesh?  

Md Rajib
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Bangladeshi YouTuber is earning a great amount of money now a days. A number of YouTuber regularly updates different videos on the YouTube channel and earning lots of money. When an ad display on someone video in the YouTube channel than the YouTuber gets paid. So the question is how much they are earning.

In addition to anyone can earn from YouTube if there have enough views. You just need quality video content so that it gets popular and increase the number of views and subscribers. Most of the Bangladeshi YouTube channel focus on funny type Bangla videos, Bangla news and informative videos and different category video content. However, mention the amount of money Bangladeshi YouTuber are earning monthly or daily in their channel.

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As online source here is a list with their estimate earning. This is only approximate earning and frequently it is changing.

  1. Salman Muqtadir- More thane $5000
  2. Sabbit Arnob- More than- $4800
  3. Asif Bin Azad- More than- $3800
  4. Suvit and Tamim- More than- $3100
  5. Ridi Shaik- More than- $2800