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What are the top youtube channels in bangladesh?  

Md Rajib
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YouTube is one of the popular website around the world. In Bangladesh this name is common mainly in young people who are spend a time on the internet. It is number one entertainment place over the internet. Not only for entertainment but also for learning, teaching and earning purpose.

Many Bangladeshi YouTuber are started earning through YouTube channels. Though now it is very much popular among the new freelancer. This out sourcing opportunity mostly engage young people. So, in this forum I am very much interested to know from the open opinion What are the top YouTube channels in Bangladesh?

Over the web I search and get result in different view about the Top YouTuber In Bangladesh. But my question what is the authenticate answer as per question? Still is it profitable to spend time on the YouTube video content creation? Additionally is there any training center for start YouTube learning in Bangladesh?

Already I have mention about the Top YouTube channels in Bangladesh list so would you think this is a right short list of Bangladeshi YouTubers. Please mention with your comments.