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How To Start A business In Khulna?  

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Do you want to start a new business in Khulna Bangladesh? If yes, then how to start it? Moreover, what should you do to start a business in Khulna. Recently, I think to start a business in Khulna. But I am confused how and where should I start from. If I have 100,000 taka and want to start a local business than what is the appropriate products to start.

Business in Khulna have opportunity just need the right guideline. With a small investment you can start your first business service. So I think you can start your business in the local niche. Personalty, I suggest some of the business idea that can be profitable in this religion. Those are bellow.

  1. Food processing company
  2. Rice farming
  3. Auto rice mills
  4. Fish cultivate and Farming