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What are the top business idea in Bangladesh?  

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Bangladesh is developing country and new a days there are many opportunities for business. Entrepreneur are interested to start new business in this country. If you are a new business owner and want to start a new business in our country than you need to start with the best way. You can choose any of the bellow option to start your first business in Bangladesh.

Also share your business idea or what you are thinking to start business in Bangladesh. In this topics we will find our top ten business idea from the discussion. Moreover, new business ideas.

  • Garments business in Bangladesh
  • Textile company
  • Dyeing and color service
  • Buying house
  • Heavy Truck
  • Import electronics goods
  • Import motor bikes and private car
  • Import medical instruments
  • Produce software and apps
  • Auto rice mills
  • Fish cultivate and Farming
  • Import veterinary medicine
  • Import animal food and Import baby food
  • Import heavy truck
  • Rent a car and Public transport
  • Modern agriculture
  • E-commerce (house/ office rent, job site)
  • Training to become entrepreneurs
  • Workshop
  • Training on IT and Technology
  • Export manpower
  • Export dry fish & Crab
  • Export cloth
  • Export plastics goods

Additionally we recommended to share your business idea with others.