Who are providing free Sundarban tour guide?

Sundarban is a large mangrove forest in our country spread across our southern Bangladesh. Many tourism organizations are providing services on it. Our WP Foundation (Welfare & Peace Foundation) Khulna NGO is also providing free service on it. After contact with us, we provide a skilled Sundarban tour guide liner for any foreign, local VIP guest or any tourist help. So, we provide Free Sundarban Tour Guide.

Who have not enough knowledge about Sundarban guide than our staff assist you without fees. So get an appropriate free Sundarban tour guide from us. However, you can call us to know details.

Our Charity Tour Guide Free

Our charity organization loves to assist people. That’s why will provide stuff for you with no fees. Contact with us to get a free guider for you to get a pleasant tour, security tour. We can make sure your tour package with less cost.

A part of our NGO as a voluntary service we provide this service. We are a popular charity organization in our local to global area. We work for the local to foreign people.

To go Sundarban first you should come Khulna then we can arrange all the necessary thing. To get guided line from the beginning time you can call to our helpline +8801915 111799. You can get free consultation form you Sundarban tour.

Just make a call to us to know more details. Generally, we start our tour from Khulna with boat or lunch, go though Mongolia, Nolian, Dacope, forest camp, than 9 tourist spot.

Potential cost Analysis in Sundarban Bangladesh

Transport Cost: Basically cost from Dhaka to Khulna- 900 BDT bus travels . Khulna to Sundarban only- 600 BDT by motorbike or boat $20 and this is for transport.

With Motorbike 2 passengers are allow somewhere. On the other hand with boat you can carry about 50 people at a time. Although it can be vary by boat capacity.

Food cost: This cost amount as your foods, but here is a potential food cost for the Sundarban tour as per local food. For example, any meat with rice, water bottle, Dal, one fish piece in the best hotel place in the nearest in Sundarban only 450 BDT= $5 only.

But if you want to carry food from Khulna city than you can buy Kacchi Biryani, Morton, chicken fry fish no more than 200 BDT for one item.

We will provide all information for your assistance by our NGO. We love to get visitor to our Sundarban and loved to assist you nothing else. WP Foundation.