What is GD (General Diary)? How to do it?

Definition: GD came from the English word General Diary. It a register to record 24 hours. It’s a diary of 200 pages, and everything is taken down in this diary, that are happening within 24 hours at the Police Station. Every day it starts from morning at 8 a.m. and closed in the next day at 8 a.m. in 24 hours. If you want to learn more, you can visit this site.

Importance of GD

It has its loyal value and a case can be started, depend on a GD. A GD is acceptable in court as witness if needed as well as started. For an example, if you lost any important things and you want to get it back. Such as your passport, your national identity card, student or employee ID card as well as a certificate. So, in this circumstance you need a general diary in near police station.


GD of kinds: Such as-

  1. Committed Crimes GD,  that must have to investigate after including
  2. Non-Committed Crimes GD, that need permission from court to investigate.
  3. Food, crops, flood, disaster and for other occurrences only diary are required, it doesn’t require any investigation.

Why and When

If you have lost your deed, document, passport, checkbook, debit card/credit card and other important papers that can cause any harm to you and you need to withdraw again, facing any threats from persons, recruitment or disappearance of any person (child/old/worker), endangered in any accident, Eve teasing and for another reason you can make a General Diary in a police station.

How to lodge GD In Bangladesh

GD is received by the duty officer of the police station and kept under the Officer-in-charge of the police station. To lodge a GD, follow the instructions given below:

  • Such as compose 2 copies of application. If not possible, write it in hand.
  • Confirm your signature in both applications.
  • Go to the police station, and let the officer know about your presence and lodge it. Moreover put your current address on it to lodge.
  • Go to the Officer-in-charge, tell him that you want to lodge a GD and hand over 2 copies of application to him.
  • If your applications seem ok to the officer, he will write a general dairy and put off his signature and seals on the both applications.
  • If you are not able to write or hadn’t any idea about writing a GD. Moreover, You can get help from the relevant members of police in the police station.

GD is now easy to lodge within time on online. You can lodge GD without going police station sitting at home. Recently, Dhaka Metropolitan Police launched out the online service to prepare General Diary (GD). Though the service is still available in Dhaka. So, later this service will be provided in all districts. So that, all citizens can get this great opportunity.

Currently, he below  services are providing by Bangladesh Police through online:

  1. Information on Eve Teasing
  2. On Snatching
  3. Information about loss/theft of certificate, ID and documents
  4. Night Guard, Guard, Servant, Caretaker
  5. About new/old tenants
  6. Expatriate Problems/Complains
  7. Victim Information

General Diary Format In Bengali

So if you need to file a general dairy (GD) in any Bangladesh police station you can see this sample. Moreover, this example GD copy can help you and understand how to file a GD in Bangladesh at any police stationer.

gd sample

If you face any kind of victims, crimes, the danger that have been discussed above, you can get in touch with the nearest police station. Fill up your application form online if you are living near the Dhaka city.

General Diary Conclusion

Now a days information is power. So as a Bangladeshi you need to know all the information those are you need. Moreover, GD is required by law under Section 44 of the Police Act 1861. Sections 154 & 155 in Criminal Procedure Code (CrPC) and Regulation 377 of the Police Regulations, Bengal (PRB).

Finally, If you have need help, you may ask any related question on the comments box so that we can reply. Your engagement on this post. Additionally we reply to your comments to assist you. So thanks in advance.