Get The Donation In Bangladesh

A bunch of NGO’s working for the poor people to develop their life style in the various projects. The most of the organization founder started their mission to work for the people with humanity from their kind hatred. Just like this MD Rajib Humayun founder of the WP Foundation (Welfare & Peace Foundation) working for the needy people in Bangladesh. Working for who is suffering on causes of poverty. Who are eligible to get the donation in Bangladesh. In this article I am explaining.


Welfare & Peace Foundation Khulna is a trusted, honest, charity organization in Bangladesh. Who are really eligible to get donation and who are ready to help people for their life. Our NGO is fair to spend donation for the needy people. The NGO who displayed there account activities all over the public so that no doubt will be created with any donor. You can see financial activities through the WP foundation website.

This NGO fully eligible to get the donation in Bangladesh for any social project. They are working in social welfare, social peace, social development, social women empowerment in Bangladesh. Additionally the praiseworthy project of them is IT training in Bangladesh.

They are not sitting to get your donation to work for the people. Also, they are working as their ability, but if you want to do something good, then our NGO in Bangladesh can be your trusted accompany to do something good for the people of Bangladesh.

Damn it if anyone donated any bad place where most of the organizations, employer are greedy, unskilled, don’t miss manege or do not utilize the donation improper way. With respect saying donors who are helping needy people, please spend your money with proper way.

NGO’s spends donation right way

Our organization in Bangladesh completes some project for the old people. They treatment some helpless adult old parent who are not unable to treatment there life. We are not rich to take care of the people. We always try to do for older people because we are going there without restriction.

Every man and women will be older, will be dying. We have a duty for old people so that our children feel a responsibility for the parents for older people because we are in the queue.

Most of the Welfare and Peace Foundation volunteers are feel to get love from the old people. We work for them and we eligible to get donation for them to do something good for there great smile. They working for the needy people in Khulna Bangladesh.


Finally, here you can involve to get donation help. Lastly try to communicate with people to collect money for the charity work.