Good morning Khulna

Good morning Khulna

Good morning Khulna

Good morning Khulna Bangladesh Khulna is my birth place that’s why I love this place very much. I swim Rupsha rive, I played stadium mat boro mat, I played many places in this city. My childhood make happy in near Khulna University. Shahid Had is park, khalishpur, rupsha bridge, zero point, shipyards, mujguni, dakbangla, new market, Khulna rail station, sonadanga, shibbari, moylapota, nirala, jahanabad cantonment, etc it important place where I spend time.

Every morning awoke from bed and say good morning Khulna then read Khulna online newspaper

So every morning when I awake I say good morning Khulna because I fell this place e from my own heart. You can come to our Khulna city to make a tour. Khulna city is claim city in Bangladesh and you have found different type of fish and a lot`s of food source. We enjoy every morning when I walk up fresh air with excess. Khulna Zila school, public school, lions school, is very popular place of me where I played with my friends. I studied from sandarbon college but most of the time I spend Khulna city college near royal mo.

Good morning again and again from WP GROUP we are a small a basis business group in Khulna Bangladesh. We are a team who are working on many service like welfare and charity activities, small businesses on different part of Khulna district, Indian VISA e-token micro credit, domain and hosting service, software service, website design etc.

Who with good morning Khulna

Khulna boys girls are smart about there sell care but they are really kind heart ed we love to make friends all over the Bangladesh the red sun every morning Khulna Bangladesh enjoy together. So you can visit our tiger zone Khulna. Amazing place for enjoy a life with best resourced. Join on Google community to post your thought about what you have thought every morning.


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