What happened after hosting account suspended

Many of us hosts different hosting company to get cheap real-able hosting service. If you do not complete payment at the right time the company suspend your account. If you did not notice your email about your hosting account expire notification. It will expire soon. Anyhow, if your hosting account suspended, then your account show this account is suspended. After hosting account suspended you can contact with your hosting service provider company to recover your all valuable website data.

What should you do after suspended your account?

If your hosting is suspended, then you should renew your hosting through your hosting service provider account area.

Some web host company provides facility delegation date 1 to 3 months and some of the hosting company is provided only 1 to 2 wreaks.

So you should backup your website data frequently so that you can transfer your all website data elsewhere, then you can do it easily, but the account is already suspended, then you need to renew first.

You can contact with your hosting service provider to get backups. Some of the hosting company is good about it who will assist you to solve your account suspension. They can also backup your all website backup files.

wphostsell.com one of the cheap hosting service provider in Bangladesh. You can take advantage cheap hosting service from them. After suspending your hosting account they will not make any extra charge to renew if and $0.25 cent you can get a hosting package for a month for any WordPress. So wphostsell call help you after hosting account suspended.

You Need To Do

  • First you need to backup all the website database.
  • Transfer or set up new hosting.
  • Or transfer any free premium hosting for temporary.

If you still want to run your all website as previous. Then immediately contact with your hosting service provider company to renew it.

If they delete any account after the last 15 days warning then you will never get it back. But if you have website backup, then you can move any new hosting server company. After suspending your hosting account, ask your hosting service provider company to your final deletion time so that you can get back.

You can read some helpful forum to get more information. You can ask for online help here