Introduction With Micro Credit Field Loan

Micro creates loan is an SME loan program. This type of loan provides loans for loan applier to grow their business margin. A percentage of profit gets the loan provider. Badly sometimes it’s difficult to achieve the due loan from the beneficiary. So, to recover micro-credit field loans you should learn micro-credit program systems and tricks.

Microcredit loan amounts basically 500,000 to 10,000 BDT. Interest 10%-13%. Muhammad Yunus is an entrepreneur, banker, economist who was awarded the Nobel Peace Prize for the concepts of microcredit and microfinance.

A little Bit About Field Loan

How to recover micro-credit field loans? Now the most financial institute has microcredit function like a bank, insurance, cooperative, NGO, etc. Who is a loan beneficiary a large amount of them are loaned defaulters by nature or by habituation or o different matters? So I have mentioned here how to recover your valuable loan.

If you follow these tips and strategy then you could recover every single loan. Government BD institutes have also can help you and train you on how to manage it. Also, follow the Bangladesh government’s roles to get back your default loans.

To recover micro-credit loan tips and tricks

  1.  Regularly monitoring your field so that any loan gets the chance to default. But when it happened just visit that loan holder and discuss his /her issue and ins paired to continue loan pay.
  2.  Pay attention to your field officer who duty on field level money collection regularly asks about their client who is not paying properly.
  3. Send an audit officer who is multi-talented to your field analysis and motivation ability. It will help to make a relationship between the client and the main institution.
  4.  Fill the form by your audit office to take a whole image for your client transaction and check them carefully who is loan defaulter and take the actions
  5. Move sometime directly to visit field how was going there. Moreover, ask questions from them what is there a problem or there complain about your company or about your employer it will make sense to take a step.

As a matter of fact, what do you do?

  1. Make some category loan collection sheets for vulnerable clients, entrusted clients, bad clients,s, etc. Find out who is a really bad client and after make a list employ a loan officer to collect loan only from them.
  2. The hardest thing is to collect money from the public so every day knocks them to pay your loan holder to recover your money give some benefit like a small amount of bonus daily.
  3. To give a thought about their agreement, bank check, and future benefits of your company.
  4. Knock granter to pay attention to the loan holder. Who has self-identity knocked them to their family by gradually so that the loan holder tries to pay your company loan?
  5. To give thought don’t go with conflicts. Because this is not your solution, you need to get paid by your client.
  6.  Convince the loan holder in a positive way your institution’s image is important to show power is a bad effect on your NGO.
  7. After implements all the mention issues then you can go to force law. Send a legal notice to your loan defaulter through your lawyer. Hopefully, the micro-credit field loan post gives you an idea about it.

Now it is big problem who are start there invest in microcredit loans. Small institutes are mainly venerable like  cooperative loan default