How To Save Child From Smoking

I am researching many years about how to save children from smoking? I got some reason and some idea to protect them from course of smoking. Here are some tips to save them from smoking. Encourage your children to avoid unknown friends. Parents are the most influence r of children to change there life. For a fresh and clean future we should save children from smoking.

What Should You Do To Save Children From Smoking



  • Most of the case children think they are grown up, that’s why they take smoke to highlight among the friends. So always take care about their friends, accompanied and observed their activities to approach their mind to save bad habitats.
  • Most of the case children are addicted to smoking where parents are chains smoker so tell your children how you are unhappy to take smoking where your children inspire to avoid smoking. You can regularly take care about it.
  • Sometime be serious to free them from smoking. Take consultations from doctors how your children safe from smoking, you can also take drug advantage to leave smoking. Your life is unhappy with a cigarette, smoke, tobacco tells your children.
  • If you are a smoker then be careful to take. Don’t take tobacco in front of your children. Most of the case children are addicted where patents do not take their children’s care. So be careful about your children so that they did not get any bad accompany.

Children’s are copying their parent’s so avoids smoking from right time to save your child. It is important to love your children’s so that’s they feel they are not alone and someone always observe them with care.

  • Don’t provide much money to spend individually buy from your for them what they need for their daily needs so that they don’t feel the power of money that’s can individually do.

Children Smoking In Bangladesh

Bangladesh is a poor country and many children are growing up negligently. Many of them are involved in smoking. Some of them are also taking a drug. Some of the local NGOs are working to improve them to normal life.

Tips To Care Children

  1. Make sometime for them
  2. Ethical teach as well as brain storming

Don’t command them where they will be crazy about habits, it is handled carefully so that they take easily and positively remember their best friends or parents. You can read more tip here

Here you can find a little bit question answer about how to save children from smoking.