IT basis NGO in Khulna

WP Foundation is an IT basic NGO in Khulna who are working for a very long time for youth IT development training on outsourcing programs. A big amount of young youth is getting the train from WP Foundation Khulna Bangladesh. So this nonprofit e organization providing training to develop online earning. However, to get freelancer training you can contact us.

Our IT basis NGO Motto

WP Foundation, Welfare & Peace Foundation freelancing, outsourcing, the training program is a project to develop poor student, employ reduction, etc. In Khulna, our NGO provides free outsourcing training for IT developers to fulfill our gift: motto. Moreover, we want to develop the IT sector to earn money, increase women’s empowerment socially. We are the only NGO in Bangladesh that provides a free website design service for an NGO that works for the poor people of Bangladesh.

You can get a WordPress theme from us as your NGO website. Our IT firms can assist you with any IT issues as per your NGO’s needs. If you want to get software then we are the cheep service provider in Khulna BANGLADESH. However, any NGO can start an IT schools basis program where our team can work with you as a partner. We can provide IT, teachers, for IT training.

We owner our IT boss Sojib Wajed Joy best man in Bangladesh. He is an IT expert who is working to develop IT services to make digitization in Bangladesh. So we are with him to make our country better for easy lives.

What do we do?

As we mention our service for website design and development is free for the charity organization in Khulna. So, if you want to make a new website then we can assist you completely free. However, you only need a domain name registration.

IT basis NGO partner

Our IT basis NGO can be partnered with any IT farms who working for Bangladesh in IT development sectors. Welfare & Peace Foundation wants to work in any IT programs In Bangladesh so you might be inviting us to work with your charity organization and it will be great full you give us a chance to work for the Bangladeshi people. So, we are partner with some NGOs to provide computer training.

School college training program on IT we are the best IT firms in Khulna. For any It train in any school or colleges, we can train. If you think you need our assistance you can call us. We will appreciate any IT job all over Bangladesh. We also provide free NGO website design services.