IT jobs in Khulna Bangladesh

Now IT jobs are very popular in our country because our government gives priority this sector to make digital Bangladesh. Our government takes many IT projects in our country. As a result, many companies and organization are providing IT jobs in Khulna Bangladesh. So, in this article I focus It Job in Khulna.

In Khulna is one of them where many freelancers, IT expert like website designer, search engine expert, web developer, HTML, CSS, PHP expert who working individually at their home just only with internet and computer or laptop. Additionally, grow your skill first doing before IT jobs in Khulna Bangladesh.

IT job provider in Khulna

  • BD GOV: to have lunch Learning and Earning Development Project where you can join as a trainer to earn. This program starts from- ICT Division, Government of Bangladesh.
  • Directly you can get buyer or job if you have already gather skill on outsourcing. So, A number of young freelancer are earning form the internet doing this job.
  • Contact local IT office to get your desire job on IT section.
  • WP GROUP, IT Park, Creative IT,, Khulna Link, etc provide small job on IT

How to start IT jobs in Khulna Bangladesh

To get IT jobs in Khulna, Bangladesh you need IT skill or IT basic educational background. For every section for home and abroad IT basis job very essential. So, many freelancers who are stablest they are carried as an IT person.

To be skilled on IT sector a training you need IT training center in Khulna Khalishpur, Khulna Nirala, Khulna Shonadang, Khulna Gollamari area. Moreover, many institute you can find over the web.

IT office work for earning money through online so there is a great opportunity in Khulna. If you are IT certificate holder from any government institute then you can take government IT projects opportunity. So, many schools, college, got: office are circulated IT jobs.

A lot of IT training searcher is trying to do this. Most of the institutions, company, IT farm, school, college, government, non government organization curricular IT job in Khulna Bangladesh. Who is searching to provide job on IT basis. So grow your skill to get a reasonable IT job for you.

Khulna IT training center list

There are many IT training centers in Khulna. Here is a list you can contact with them to get IT/ out sourcing/ freelancing training courses. However, here is Khulna IT company list.

  1. WP IT Center Khulna is an online training course or officially 6 month course. This  is best IT organization in Khulna
  2. CBSG Govt: IT course: Every year govt: providing course on IT sectors. Like (CBSG)
  3. TMSSICT This organization provide training on IT development in Khulna.
  4. Aricho IT However, there address is Babu khan road behind the Pineeor collage. You can call them -01914201270
  5. Probashi You can also get a list who are providing course on technical / IT level.
  6. Knowledgeacademy They are providing many course on different programs.
  7. Kuet For a long time course you can see this link.
  8. Khulnaitpark A good training provider organization in Khulna.
  9. Computer Palace It is a good training institute in Khulna
  10. Creative IT Working on many IT training programs.