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After Dhaka and Chittagong, Khulna is the third largest city of Bangladesh. Khulna district and Khulna division head quarter located in Khulna. Khulna is the oldest sea port of Bangladesh. It’s situated Rupsha and Voiravriver banks. As Khulna is an industrial area, it’s called an industrial city of our country. Additionally from Khulna city, Bangladesh second sea port located 48 kilometers from the main city. The world famous coastal forest located in the south part of Khulna Bangladesh. Also, Khulna seals the entrance of Sanderban. The distance between Khulna city and Dhaka city is 333km. However, anyone can travel through land route, airspace, waterways from the Khulna.

Khulna District Upazila List

Map Khulna BangladeshBatiaghata Upazila

Batiaghata Upazila areas 248.32km. It is bounded by Kotwaly and sonadanga, north side dumuria Thana and Dacop. Paikgacha and Rampal Upojila is the south part of Batighata. Howover, total population approximetly140,574. Batiaghata Thana was formed in 1992. Total family lives here more than 23, 698 and as a upojiza announce in 1983. The people of this area are very innocent.

Dacope Upazila

Dacope Upazila situated on the bank of Sibsha river and it’s part of Khulna district. The administrative activities apart from Chalna. Moreover the Dacop south part is Korea. West side Paikgacha Thana and north side Batiaghata Thana. Overall the total area of Dacop is 991.58 km. The Dacop administrative work started in 1913 and Dacop has total 10 Union Parishads. Afterward the main income source of this area shrimp cultivation.  Most of the people doing shrimp cultivation and agricultural products.

Daulatpur Thana, Khulna

Daulatpur have 2 union Parisad. It has 17097 households and total area 7.69 km. As a brif Daulatpur thana north side Khan Jahan Ali thana. On the other hand south part Khalispur thana est side Digholia thana and west part Dumuria thana. Voirab river is situated in the north side of this Upozila. This Thana started in 1917. So, a number of industrial company in this area.

Dighalia Upazila

Dighalia is another inportal part of Khulna district. It is area 77.17 km. North part of this Thana is Avoinagor and Kalia Upojiza. On the other hand south part is Khalispur and Rupsha north side Terokhada. However, population is more then 120,782. As a Upojiza started in 1987. Moreover, over the internet you can find government website to provide digital service.

Dumuria Upazila

Dumuria Upazila area is 54.23 sq km. As discription on the east is Dumuria and Fultola. Another part is Monirampur, Avoinagor on the south Batighata, paikgacha Tala and Kesobpur upazila. Kalia and Keshabpur Upazilas on the west and east Kalispur, sonadangha. Hence the population about 2, 80, 000. Afterward the administration started in 1918 and as Upazila started 1983. Hence total union of this upazila is 14.

Khalishpur Thana

Khalispur Thana area is 12.35 sq km. Hence the Population of this area is more than 235018. Administration activities was formed in 1986. Additionally In Khulna Khalispur is an old city and most of the industrial institution situated here. Moreover you can imaging with Khalishpur is like old Dhaka of Bangladesh.

Khan Jahan Ali Thana

Khan Jahan Ali Thana area is 8 km and it’s north side is Fultola Upajela. South part is Dumuria as well as East Digholia. Also West Fultola and Dumoria. So, total population more than 38000. Additionally memorable place is water tank Rupsha Rivera and Bill Dakatia. Moreover, administrative activities started in 1886.

Koyra Upazila

Koyra Upazila is an important Upazila of Khulna Bangladesh. So total area of Korea 1775.41 sq km. North side Paikgacha, south Bay of Bengal and Sundarban Jungal. Moreover, East side of this Upojila is Dacop as well as west side Asasoni and Shamnagor. sO, The population of the upazila IS more than 1,95000. Korea river And Sundarban is important in this area. Therefore Koira Thana wad started in 1980 and as upozila founded in 1983.

Paikgachha Upazila

Paikgacha is another inportan Upazila. The area of this Upozila is 411. 20 sq km. Also North side of the Paikgacha is Tala and Dumuria. South part is Korea and east Dacop and west side Asasoni. Moreover Population of Paikgacha is more than 2,58,112. Basically Main river of this Thana are Kopotakho, Sibsha, Morisap and Mora Vadra Gang. Finally, Paikgacha than was founded is 1872 and upazila 1983.

Phultala Upazila

Phultala Upazila area is 87.41 sq km. Howover, north and west side is other Upazila and south side is Dumuria. On the other hand east is Khan Jahan Ali Thana. Finally mentionable place Voirab river, Dakota Bill. Therefore total population more than 1,77,570. Firstly Patella Taha started in 1983. Secondly it is an historiacal Upozila in Khulna.

Rupsa Upazila

Rupsa Upazila area is about 120.15 sq km. So the North side Terokhada and south side Fakirhat. As well as west Khalispur Tana. Moreover, Population of this upozila is more thana 167604. Also administer stub-list  in 1983. Rupsha Upozila is very near in Khulna city. Moreover it is situated near Voirab river. Simply cross Khan Jahan Alli bridge to reached this area.

Sonadanga Thana

Sonadanga thana area is about 8.42 sq km and surrounded by near Khalispur Thana. However, South and east Kotoali thana as well as West Dumuria and Batiaghata Thana. So this started in 1986 and total population more then 1,72,079. Hence Khulna bus stand situated in this area. There have some hotel and restaurant. Additionally here you can find a Khulna model police station.

Terokhada Upazila

Terokhada Upazila is in the east side. Its area is 189.48 sq km. So the north side Kalia Upazila and South side Rupsa as well as east side Mollarhat west Digholia. Main river Atharobaki and total population more than 110628. Thana started in 1918 and upazila started in 1983. For economics side this is an important part of Khulna.

Top 10 University and Collage in Khulna Bangladesh

  1. University of Engineering and Technology
  2. Islamic University
  3. Khulna University Link
  4. North Western University
  5. Agricultural University
  6. Medical College
  7. Gazi Medical College
  8. Ad-Din Medical College
  9. Homoeopathic Medical College
  10. Technical And Engineering College

Top 10 Hospital In Khulna

  1.  Khulna Medical College & Hospital
  2. Shaheed Sheikh Abu Naser Specialized Hospital
  3. Shishu Hospital
  4. Ad- Din Akij Medical College & Hospital
  5. BNSB Eye Hospital
  6. Islami Bank Hospital
  7. Diabetic Hospital
  8. Gazi medical college hospital
  9. Fortis Escorts Heart Institute
  10. Sandhani Clinics & Diagnostic Complex

Top 10 Hotel list in khulna

  1. Castle Salam
  2. Hotel City Inn
  3. Royal International
  4. Hotel Tiger Garden
  5. Western Inn International
  6. Rose Garden International
  7. Hotel Millennium
  8. Southern International Hotel
  9. Rose Valley Guesthouse
  10. Hotel Ambassador

Rivers Of Khulna

Rupsa River: One of the famous river in Bangladesh Khulna is Rupsa. A district beauty of the river is the Ganges.

Mayur River: Former district beauty is Ganges. However, most of the Khulna city drainage falls in this river.

Bridge Of Khulna

Khan Jahan Ali Bridge is a bridge over Rupsa River in Kh, Bangladesh. Most of the people of local area this bridge known as Rupsa Bridge. Opened : May 21, 2005, Total length: 5,249′ Width: 54′, Location: Kh, Body of water: Rupsa River

Media Agency

Newspaper Printed: The Daily Purbanchal, The Daily Janmabhumi, The Daily Probah, The Daily Tribune(English) etc.

Newsportal Online: BBC71,

Radio Station: Bangladesh Betar Kh 106.5fm, Radio Today 89.6fm, Radio Foorti 88.0fm, Radio Kh FM 88.8fm

Tourism Places In Khulna Bangladesh


Rabindra Complex:

Khan Jahan Ali Bridge:

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