Khulna Linear Park /Gollamari university park

Khulna is a clean city in Bangladesh. There are many parks here like Shahid Hadis Park, Mujguni park, wonderland, Khulna park, UN park gate Shanghai park, park in Nirala etc. Khulna university park finished the project 2015 and now it is open for public’s. You might visit this Khulna Gollamari university park. Another name is Khulna Linear Park. Linier Park.

WP GROUP office is near the park. You can visit this park anytime to spend your leaser time. From Gollamari bridge you can see Lilian park. Moreover, this park beside Moyra cancel of the Khulna previous Moyer river. This park has 2 gates, concrete made sheets, visitors place, as well as many trees are standing in this park.

To wake in the park and say good morning Khulna come to this park. So, it’s amazing park in Khulna.

Khulna Linear Park Information

  • Park total expenses: Cost of this park is more them 21 crore.
  • Project started: This projects started Khulna city corporation 2009 near Gollamari moyir nodi.
  • Land space: About 14 acore
  • Project finished: This project finished 2014 Jun.

Park for public

Now this park is open for all visitors. Khulna university students spend their time in this park. So, boys and girls come to the park for recreation. The environment of this park is good because university student is available there that’s why the Gollamary park better than any park in Khulna.

This park distance is 1 km from WP IT company Khulna. However, many freelancers are visiting this park from WP GROUP. Recently we read an article from about this new park in Khulna where we know details about  the park.

Khulna Linear Park Video

You can watch our linear park video from our YouTube channel and please subscribe us to watch future videos.

If you have Android mobile set, then you can use it to get free WiFi because it is near Khulna university. Besides you can take some photos from this park to publish your blog or website. You can pick up a tower to see the Khulna city. The tower is built nicely with of red color more than 8-10 story.

Some of the restaurants near gollamari park, first food, departmental shop, tee STOL etc. So, to get law support Gollamari police box can help you. Linear Park, Gollamary, Khulna, Bangladesh the is called by officially.

However you need  for to visit the park, it’s fully free till now you can visit with your friends, family for best recreation place in Khulna Bangladesh. Khulna Gollamari university park just near Khulna University.