Liberal Foundation In Khulna

Liberal Foundation Khulna

Liberal Foundation Khulna

First and foremost thing Liberal Foundation Khulna a charity organization by Kamal Hussain Joarder. He is a man who is founder of Liberal Foundation.  He is an honest man who is working for southern people of Bangladesh. With his NGO he works for women empowerment, women’s lifestyle, children food an education programs. No doubt this organization working for the poor people of Khulna.

Kamal Hossain

Kamal Hossain

The organization also works on development, street children, autism child, skill development training program, adult education program, etc. I got a positive concept from him accordingly his concept I have met with him several times I really like him as an honest man. Liberal Foundation In Khulna are ready for any Charity work.

 Mission of Liberal Foundation Khulna

Kamal Hussain always tries to do for the poor person’s entry needy child. Most of the social charity organizations know about Paul Monshi Kamal Hussain Jowerder. He lives in Khulna as an honest leader. Who is working for the street children, women medical support, women empowerment, poor children, open, sanitation, adult education, etc. As a charity organization liberal NGO is famous in Khulna and liberal foundation working with Welfare & the Peace Foundation in Khulna as a partner coworker.
Brother Kamal Hossain is our dream man in social welfare activities who always try to help others to develop their social welfare activities. Personally history to work for the needy person who are helpless. For street children education, support Kamal Hossain is a model in our local area Khulna. Our NGO is enjoying with working Liberal Foundation & Paul Kamal Hussain.
Liberal Foundation In Khulna

Liberal Foundation

The Liberal Foundation NGO is one of the charity organizations who are working long time for the poor people. For any charity work you can contact with him of course he will work with you from his own heart for the project in the country for the people. He is a simple man and another good thing he is very helpful. For example, he help to govt: register for WP Foundation. Otherwise it could be difficult for us.

  Conclusion about Liberal NGO

Finally, a good an honest accompany is a positive thing for a man. You can get a new life from him or her so make your friends who are not greedy and work in public. He has achieve a great experience on charity activities through many NGO project additionally he is a professional NGO worker. Kamal Hossain and liberal foundation a place. Welfare and Peace Foundation working for the people as a partner in Bangladesh Khulna.


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