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    AOX-M series electric multi -turn actuator is specially designed for all multi turn valve applications (linear motion valves)such as globe valve, gate valve, and etc.
    1. Double sealing structure terminal box
    Terminal box,which is double sealing and separated enclosure protection,assure the sealing integrity of the electronic component if open the box cover to make the on-site wiring.
    2. Latest non-invasive design with infrared setting
    The setting and diagnostic of the actuator can be processed via sealing display screen, without opening the housing. The valid distance between the setting tools and display screen is about 1-1.5m.
    3. Integrated Local control
    Local control switches and locking type selector switch local/stop/remote are magnetic switches, controlled by magnetic reed, thus assure the damp proof sealing inside of the actuator.

    We are always ready for providing the sample and producing some small orders, in order to meet the business well. We are always ready to hear from you.
    Q:Do you have stock ?
    A :Most of products are under regular production we can make delivery immediately if we the specific one in stock.
    Q:What will AOX price term?
    A:We can offer FOB, CIF, EX-WORK at a reasonable price.
    Q:Can I visit your company if we are interested in your product?
    A:Of course,Your visit is our pleasure.Multi Turn Electric Actuator Made in China