Music In Khulna

Music In Khulna

Music In Khulna

People in the Khulna love music and there are a number of music institutions involve with music. Now music in Khulna is so popular all over the Khulna area.  Many boys & girls love to sing a song. Some of the institution is providing training for music. Khulna is famous for Sundarban and Khulna people love music.

Now this area is growing up music improvement, music instrument sell, buy etc. You can find some list of universities and schools in Khulna where you can get some facilities training, idea, help about music etc.

Some of music institute contact in Khulna

B-1 Mojid Sarrony
Khulna City

Contact: Telephone Number: +44 1344 203999

 You can get in touch some of those institution as a matter of fact this can be informative  .

  1. UCEP-K C C School, Rupsha
  2. UCEP-Sonadanga School, Sonadanga
  3. UCEP-M A Majid School, Fulbarigate
  4. UCEP-Khalishpur School, Khalishpur
  5. UCEP-Zohra Samad School, Tootpara
  6. UCEP-Wazed Ali School, Banorgati

Music place in Khulna

If you want to like music you can buy many musical instruments near Khulna Jolil tower, Dakbangla, Khalispur etc. If you love music you can come on many festivals in KU where we enjoy music from Jems, Ayub Bassu, Hasan. In Khulna Bettar they presented many songs everyday by FM Radio as a result many listener are now interest on Radio.

Still people of Khulna love local song as there tradition music lover. However, young generation are Khulna addicted to mordant music like  band songit. So, hold on our traditional music our first and foremost duty to inspire our children to our traditional song. Next, we should aware them.

Yes, Tulu decided to continue his dream band.  He met Autumnal Moon, an extraordinarily talented musician from Khulna. This is the page of a young and enthusiastic filmmaker group in Khulna Khulna Filmmakers

If you want to learn music, actually Khulna NATO nicotine, Khulna Shilpokola academy and other musical institute can help you. Stay in a good place with music group or start a music business with own instruments.

In the meantime now Khulna music go viral through internet

However, make some online musical editor to publish your music now Facebook, YouTube, Twitter etc. This are the great place where you can boost your music. To get worldwide popularity it is a great way to publish your local music to global through online.

We are going to support you from our Welfare & Peace Foundation to grow our cultural development. Finally, we can say it’s our duty to gather our country culture for the future generation. That’s why we are collecting many cultural local musing through our generation even so we collecting old book and song from the remote area.

No doubt Khulna music are different from other part of Bangladesh.  You are welcome to our Khulna and of course listen our local song. In conclusion we recommended to watch this videos from this area. In fact you have watch many music videos but this is pleasurable. By and large music in Khulna is great.



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