What is Online BD TV?

There are many online Bangla TV channels in Bangladesh. There has a number of rising channels working to show channels for the public. The online channel is broadcast through the internet. Anyone can launch their channel in Bangla. The online Tv channel is wonderful and cost-effective. It’s accessible immediately to any part of the world for a person. Of course, you need a high-speed internet connection. Additionally, you can use a low internet service but it is hard to watch the video smoothly. Many websites offer services to you for your own TV channel. In the bellow, you can see all Online Bangla TV Channel List with here website links.

Free online Bangla TV channel

If you want to launch a free Bangla TV channel, then there have a chance for you. As well as many online websites are offering to build a free TV channel. So you can create an online TV channel.

  • Viloud.tv: You can start your own TV channel with a free plan with Viloud. Tv. They are very popular to start an online free TV channel. There have an easy to use a tool to set up a TV channel and you can embed codes.
  • Strimm.com: You can create an online tv channel for your organization or your business. You can be your own TV channel producer. It’s a pretty way to start an online TV channel with any language.
  • Streamingvideoprovider.com: It’s another complete and affordable video platform to start your online channel. Without any restriction or add you can publish your videos worldwide..

Here is  all online Bangla TV channel list

11. Desh.tv

12. Satv.tv

Why and how to create an online Bangla TV channel?

Many news publishers want to start an online Bangla TV channel list for their news sites. Also, many organizations, companies, NGOs want to lunch an online live channel. As a result, focus here on a guide about how to create your online tv channel.

 Advantage online Bangla TV channel

Online TV Live streaming is easy and cost-effective. It is a faster way to broadcaster all over the world through the internet. The audience can watch your online TV program with little hassle. Additionally, you need minimal technical knowledge to broadcast and produce your videos.

For the enterprise, broadcast companies can make ultra-high quality videos for the internet audience. However, you can earn money with your online TV channels. So you can earn setting advertising over your online TV channel web pages. Moreover, you can boost your company’s marketing products through your online TV channels.

Locally you can launch any advertising campaign through your internet TV station. It saves you extra money. Moreover to set up a web TV channel, the cost is under control for any startup. As well as you do need a high technically knowledgeable person for it.

How to create online TV channels?

You may know Facebook and YouTube live stemming is popular among the user. So any time you can start living on YouTube and Facebook. Easily and with less effort you can lunch and broadcasts any videos and live streaming over the intent. Additionally a number of online TV service providers offering free online TV services in Bangla or any language. For an example —–

  1. Create Free Account – This will give you access to our cloud software that will help you create your own Web TV.
  2. Create New Playlist by going to All Playlists > +Create Playlist
  3. Click on “Add Media” and start uploading your videos. You can upload them from your local HDD or import them from remote HTTP/FTP servers.
  4. Go to “WebTV” and create your WebTV Channel Player.
  5. Set the source of your WebTV Player to be the playlist you’ve created in step 2. Your Online TV Channel will play all the videos that are added to that playlist as live.
  6. Under“Publish” choose a playlist template style and then copy the embedded code to your clipboard.
  7. Go to your site and paste the embed code to embed your TV Channel.

Once published, you can control your TV Channel remotely from the SVP Control Panel. You can add new videos, change schedules using the WebTV PlayOut Scheduler, all without the need to copy and paste the embed code every time you wish to make changes.

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Other Bangladeshi online TV channels list

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