Online Radio BD is an important topic who is interested about to start an online radio station, as a listener and online radio researcher. Here I discus and guide unlimited as per online radio Bangladesh. This topic covers you everything you need to know about internet radio Bangladesh. You will also know, how does online radio works and what is online radio. So, lets start to learning.

What Is Online Radio?

Online radio is either prerecorded MP3 media files those are broadcast steamed through internet server. Also, another way to broadcast via-a-microphone live steamed over the online. Any listener can listen song, news, jokes or recorded files any part of the world. With online radio you are not restricted geographically by listening all around the world. Though we discus here about Online Radio BD .

Online Radio

There have a few elements that work for online radio.

  1. Generally, the source files should be clipped, inputs from CDs, live voice and so on.
  2. You need an internet server like Shoutcast through who combined to put it in a format. After that steamed send to the sound waves through the internet with a click.
  3. Without a radio listener there has no point in broadcasting. Listener connects to the online server to listen the radio.

Online radio is not broadcasting. Actually, it is called webcasting. Because it is not broadcast through wireless signals. It is transmitted via the internet as an audio service.

Online  Radio Bangladesh


Online radio is one of the popular parts in Bangladesh. More than One Million people are searching through Google. A number of people are listening daily internet radio. Online radio contributes many parts on the Bangladesh. Already community radio Bangladesh got popular and contribute in different way in Bangladesh. A vital role are played by Online Radio BD .

Through the internet independently you can start an online radio. Different categories online radio channels are live and schedules. Some of them broadcasting online news Bangladesh. Many online radio provide 24/7 day entertainment radio service. FM radio are popular by fun an jokes. Listener does live call to the station manager to provide opinion.

Bangladesh Online Radio Live

Online Radio Live

Online Radio Live

Online radio bangle channel live and offline categorizes. Live radio channels are broadcast real time for the listener. The audience can ask question on the live show and get answers as per topics. Live show one of the popular ways to connect people and advertise any brand. Live radio show can not be edited in the latter.

One of the major thing is online radio instantly radio show can go live. Listener direct connect to the live show. Many Online Radio BD goes live every day.

On the other hand, your listener can download episodes and scheduled as per their time. A radio shows provide the best bits for the listener and quality sound for the listener.

Benefits of online radio

  • One of the main things is a variety of online station and it’s greatest strength of internet radio. You can choose any time classic rock, pop hip-hop etc. you can see benefits on the Online Radio BD .
  • Online radio broadcast is cost effective and to set up it there is no large scale cost. So it is going popular for it. You can start an online radio at your own home with your computer internet.
  • I am easy and available for everyone where internet is available. The many terrestrial radio starts their broadcast turn intern radio.
  • Minimal instrument is needed to set up online radio station. Simply install a software on your computer and start listening radio.
  • Online radio sound quality is always same but the general radio channel signal can go bad for the weather.
  • You advertise your own brad through your own radio station. This is way to boost any brand locally or globally.

How to get online radio BD license

There are several methods used for broadcasting in Bangladesh electronic media. There have no specific mention about the internet or online radio wave casting license. You four type of license in Bangladesh those are mention bellow. You can simply start an online radio bd through internet.

For internet wave casting you can apply a local city corporation trad license if it’s purpose is business related. As per my personal opinion, it is not mandatory to get an online radio license for any website.

Terrestrial Television Broadcasting : Only Bangladesh television can broadcast in this criteria. According to ITO from 2015 switch off analog broadcasting.

Satellite Television Broadcasting : This license providing from Ministry of Information and some of the TV channels is using 6, 9 or 12MHz uplink frequency from 5.85-6.425 GHz band.

FM Radio Broadcasting: To broadcast you need a license from the Ministry of Information According to NFAP frequency is assigned from the BTRC to the licensee from 87.5 to 108 MHz.

Community Radio Broadcasting : To provide any specific community or local people Bangladesh government has has passed Community Radio Installation in 2008.

Rules for internet radio broadcasting

Different counties have different radio broadcasting rules and have various licensing bodies.

Licensing in the UK: Here have two licensing bodies one is PRS (Performing Rights Society) and PPL (Phonographic Performance Limited). Another one is a commercial music service. There have an annul paying issue.

Licensing in the USA: If you want to lunch an online radio broadcasting from USA then you will need to statutory license. Also, there have four licensing bodies. This are ASCAP, BMI, SESAC, and Sound Exchange.

Licensing in the BD: In bangladesh have it own rules and copyright low. There have two popular  radio service one is FM Radio Broadcasting and another is Community Radio Broadcasting.

Top online radio stations in Bangladesh

radio stations in Bangladesh

radio stations in Bangladesh

Bangladesh have many free online radio. You can listen every hour with them. Find bellow online radio station listen. On the list we have only mention some of them.


Community radio Bangladesh

Community radio can be varied like rural radio, cooperative radio, participatory radio, etc. There have also free radio, alternative, popular, educational radio, local regional radio and many more. Some of them are mix radio and some of them is militancy. Additionally those community radion station are in the rural areas.

Bangladesh NGO community radio communicates as a medium of the different local people. The organigetion is trying to assist negleted people are and community.

Online Radio Hosting in SSD in Bangladesh

Online Radio Hosting

Online Radio Hosting

Many web hosting companies are providing Online Radio Hosting some of them cheap and some of them high rate. You can buy any SSD package to start your online radio station.

Those service providers can also help you to set up your radio business or broadcasting. Get hosting for bands, artists, community radio stations, and DJs. It can be your own music or talk shows online radio.

You can get fast, real-able and hosting server from the Bangladesh data center. The service that will not buffering when your listener will increase in the channel. It can be upgrade at any time.

Few radio hosting provider website links.


Bangla fm radio software free download

If you want to download form radio software free than here you can find the links. You can set up it easily and there has also a video.

Online Radio Solution and server provider in Bangladesh

Many web hosting give you this service. Here you can get technical support and step by step guide. Our WP GROUP provides support from start to finish to set up an online radio station. You can call to our mobile number. However online radio is powerful advertising media still now.

Our gives you a hosting package to start an online radio broadcasting. We also made a video how to create an online radio station. Also we can assit you to start an online radion in your newsportal or website. Our online technical expert help you to integrate radio on your website.

Finally, Online Radio BD is popular subject at this time. Also, listen Online Radio BD at your own home as an Online Radio BD owner. Here are ready to help you. At this time you can make money with internet radio. Many people broadcasting online to advertise there company. Also, it’s grow your community and popularity.

Make sure about technical support before stat internet radio lunching. Many privet company created online radio for advertising and promotion. Moreover, it increase your brand awareness.

Now most of the media are internet base. For example,