To build your dream home every work should be professional. Not only professional but also, perfectly. After an attractive design your building need to fulfill step by step implementation. In this article we explain details about how you can get cost effective service and complete the project perfectly. In this article I focus a little bit about Piling Company in Bangladesh and services.

Top Piling Company In Bangladesh

wp constructionWP Construction

WP Construction in Khulna Bangladesh providing best service in local as well as around the Bangladesh. If you are stage of piling for your building plan than you can contact WP Construction.

As an affiliate with other construction company WP is informative to get boring cost and total piling budget. WP minimize your cost, but not quality. However, you can watch our pining videos to get an idea.

GeoTech Engineering Limited

Piling Foundation: We are working for Piling Foundation with an Experienced Construction Team of Piling foundation. We also serve Variable length & Variable Diameter.

Their core team is professional on their job. They are dedicated to client contraction need. More than 2 – 4 decade, they are working for customer around the Bangladesh.

Precast Pile

Generally precast pile you need fixed dimension and pile cast. So that you can drive and enter into the soil. Moreover, you need enough space to mixed concrete. To do this filled still the case with concrete.

Precast Pile

Precast Pile

Caution when you precast pile into the soil. Because it is vibrant and may cause side building crack. Also, don’t do over long pile. If you pile length is higher than divided and put it step by step. This type of pile called slice pile. Mixed enough cement and curing with enough time.

Sand Pile

Sandpile is also popular for engineering purpose. Selection sand you can bear with 20- 45 feet. You can contact with the nearest service provider construction firm or company.

Generally, if the soil is muddy and soft than you can choose sand pile for above 3 to 4 storing building. Moreover, do it all round the building propose area. It is good for 1 feat 9 inch consecutive. So, do not select piling for basement areas but also all round the building propose area.

Sand piling rule

  • Generally, 4 to 5 feet soil cut from the propose surface land area.
  • Approximately every boring deep should 15 to 20 feet.

1 by 1 feet you need to bore and it is cost effective. That’s why many people in Bangladesh choose a sand pile for building construction. When soil has low bearing capacity and building is not a heavy structure sand pile is economical it used under the column footing or stepped foot.

Cast-in-situ Pile

Another popular option is cast in situ pile. To do so first step is digging a hole in the field with drilling mud. So, in this step you need to fill the hole with well mixed reinforced concrete.

Bored Cast in Situ Pile

Bored Cast in Situ Pile

So, this is an application for the foundation pile purpose for vertical and lateral load. For your project install you can contact with the nearest city. However cast situ pile work with diameter of 450 mm to 1200 mm and depth up to 40m.

Piling Machine Price In Bangladesh

The piling machine price is different in different company. In general the price range is 12,00,000 to 20,00,000 Taka. The price is for new piling machine set. If you want to get a second set than you can get is 800,000 Taka. Also, you can make it custom with local machinists area (Loha Pottri). So to make it from local area approximately cost 400,000 Taka

Piling Company in Bangladesh

Around the Bangladesh many piling company working. If you are searching some of them than check their website. Moreover, you can check top company in Bangladesh. Link

  1. ZCNC
  2. ESLA

Piling contractors in Bangladesh

If you search on google there are number of piling contractors in Bangladesh. In Khulna you can contact with us.