What are the Top YouTuber in Bangladesh?

For online earning YouTube channel is a popular way to get money. Many online workers are working on the YouTube platform to promote their online earning through their YouTube online channel. YouTube is the common word worldwide and most of the online user have an account here. In Bangladesh Top Ten YouTube channel list below as per subscriber and views.

People visit the YouTube challenge for video aspect they liked. Music channel and movie channels are the most popular, but many individuals make their channels popular dping something strange. Some of the YouTube channel like entertainment, education, channel, funny YouTube channel, tutorial etc in Bangladesh. Howover in this article I listed top ten Bangladeshi YouTuber.

First YouTube of Bangladesh or Young YouTubers of Bangladesh

Honestly, it’s really difficult to find out who is the first YouTuber in Bangladesh but as per account creation, you may consider. Salman Muqtadir may be the first YouTuber in our country. Moreover, Lion Islam Labonne is another top YouTuber in Bangladesh. In our country, some young people have steep out of books and become great YouTuber. In addition to Bangladeshi YouTuber earning through google adsence and affailate. However the list are bellow.

SalmoN TheBrownFish


1. SalmoN TheBrownFish

The Salman Muqtadir channel name is SalmoN TheBrownFish. He uploaded a video of our culture with the creative way. When you watch his video maybe you will laugh. As per some of the considerations we call him Bangladeshi first YouTuber. We have ranked this channel number 1 Top Ten YouTube channel in Bangladesh. Not only this channel, but also they have another YouTube channel and the name is Salmon ThePutimaas. So the channel has more than 200,000 subscribers.

Gaan Friendz

Gaan Friendz

2. Gaan Friendz

This channel mainly about music, gaan. Tamim Mridha & Shouvik Ahmed decided to create a YouTube channel music related and fun related. It already has 659,007 subscribers • 39.9M Views. These musically related channels are promoting their subscriber every day with their friends and fan. Additionally, you can get frequent video content updates. They are popular over the country. Basically a number of music loving young people stay with this Bangladeshi YouTube channel.

Mango Squad

Mango Squad

3. Mango Squad

This is another channel that is first growing YouTube channel in Bangladesh. More than 724,233 subscribers and 35,605,783 views. Every day this channel is growing their subscriber views as well as watch them. Moreover, they are verified by google team. The channel is highly popular around the Bangladesh. As per there describe they create a diversity of videos. Mango Squad produces mix type of Banglavideo those are popular by millions views. So have a look the channels.

BhaiBrothers LTD top ten youtube channel in bangladesh


4. BhaiBrothers LTD

This channel is now so popular in Bangladesh for their entertaining videos. Upload video 150 videos, 540,809 subscriber views Video 32,402,625 Country BD Channel Type Entertainment User Created Mar 3rd, 2014. Some of the dedicated young boys create this amazing Bangla YouTube channel. As per their description they love filming and there contents are mostly Stories, Sketches, Skits, Pranks as well as Music. So not only those contents, but also Webisodes, Talk Shows, Short Films, Social Experiment and anything and everything they do.

Prank King Entertainment

Prank King

5. Prank King Entertainment

It’s a Social Awareness Prank & Funny Video channel as well as Production house of some young Bangladeshi talents who are dedicated here service this organization. Upload video more than 120. There 1,266,980 subscribers and Video 141,068,396 views Country BD Channel Type Entertainment. User Created Aug 27th, 2013. How over the channel videos updates for Social Awareness Prank and Funny Video, etc. Basically, this channel Production house of some young Bangladeshi talents.

Channeli Tv top ten youtube channel in bangladesh

Channeli Tv

7. Channeli Tv

Bangla popular TV brand YouTube Channel TV. More than 2,333,753 subscribers as well as more than 528,923,048 views. Basically a video source from their TV channel. Those are popular Bangla video on the move, video, song, drama and documentary, etc. Moreover, one of the great source of video news source is. Not only news but also sports, talk show, reality show live TV and so on. To summarize this Bangla YouTube channel popular around the Bangladeshi people.



6. BongoBD

Another first growing channel is BongoBD that is a film related YouTube channel. They Upload more than 1472 videos. This channel Subscribers 2,471,469, Video, 652,098,872 views. Country BD Channel Type Film User Created Aug 25th, 2014. To summarize, you have already seen their YouTube channel statistics. Hopefully one of the top Bangladeshi popular YouTube channels. Moreover, they regularly update latest video content on the channels.

Eagle Music Video Station top ten youtube channel in bangladesh

Eagle Music

8. Eagle Music Video Station

The Eagle Music Video Station is first growing Bangladeshi YouTube channels. Basically, this channel is produced high quality music videos and one of the popular music platform. Not only video focus, but also finds here audio album’s in HD quality. The interesting thing is you can find here all the copyrighted assets of Eagle Music. However, the this Bangladeshi YouTube channel owner Kachi Ahmed is promoting through YouTube quality music production for the generation. So enjoy latest Bengali music videos on the channel.



9. মায়াজাল

Mayajal is another one of the top popular Bangla YouTube channel. More than 2.60 million subscriber on the channel as well as more than 224,028,252 views. As per there channel description most of the videos are on Mysteries, Amazing, top 10, top 5 Types of Videos regularly. Regularly they are adding Bangla video content on their channels. Moreover, the video quality is good. Generally they produce a multi type of Bangla videos for their subscriber and viewers.

10. HelpmeBd – Top Ten YouTube channel in Bangladesh no rank

New YouTube channel who is working at non-profit organization as well as working for needy people in Bangladesh. Request everyone to subscribe this help organization to get free help and for other encourage help. In this YouTube Bangla channel you can find a mixed type of Bangla videos around the Bangladesh. Also, you may feel helpful video for the freelancer and for the public. Basically we are working for the needy people of Bangladesh. So here different type of Bangla video added.

Other Top YouTube channel In Bangladesh

11. ALightSwitch

Ahnaf Arefin is another name of the popular YouTube guy in Bangladesh. He is a comical character in the YouTube channel as well it is a travel blog. In most of his videos are informative way created? Now on this channel has 6,672 subscribers • 536,766 views Joined Apr 21, 2012. Day by day its increasing number of subscribers.

12. TheCrazyBangladeshi

Ali Jawad Akash is one of the popular funny video posters in Bangladesh. Generally, he makes lame YouTube videos. From his video, you can realize that’s Bengalis to do a lot of crazy stuff, indeed. Now, this YouTuber is very popular and gain a great amount of 46,000 subscribers • 2,548,585 views Joined May 28, 2014. Moreover, this YouTube updates frequently. Also, he maintains video quality for the subscribers. But recently he has not updated his channels with news video content.

This ranking can be the differentiated peoples personal choice and like. Every day those channel updates by new videos so sometimes the ranking can be changed so please a word about it. Top Ten YouTube channels ranking list will be updated every year, so let back check.

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