Top Ten YouTube channels in Bangladesh?

Top Ten YouTube channels

What are the top YouTube channels in Bangladesh?

For online earning YouTube channel is a popular way to gain money. Many online workers are working on the YouTube platform to promote their online earning through their YouTube online channel. Some of category YouTube channel like entertainment, education, channel, funny YouTube channel, tutorial etc. Youtube is the common word worldwide and most of the online user have an account here. Top Ten YouTube channels list below as per subscriber and views.

People visit the YouTube challenge for video aspect they liked. Music channel, movie channel is most popular, but many individuals make their channels popular.

First youtube of Bangladesh or Young YouTubers of Bangladesh

Honestly, it’s really difficult to find out who is the first YouTube of Bangladesh but as per account creation, you can find out. Salman Muqtadir may be the first YouTube in our country. Lion Islam Labonne is the most YouTube of Bangladesh. In our country, some young people have steep out of books and become YouTube.

Here is a top ten list of Bangladeshi YouTuber channels

  1. SalmoN TheBrownFish

    SalmoN TheBrownFishThe Salman Muqtadir channel name is SalmoN TheBrownFish one of the most popular channels. He uploaded is a video of our culture with the creative way. When you watch his video maybe you will laugh. As per some of the considerations we call him Bangladeshi first YouTuber. With all consideration, we have ranked this channel is number 1 Top Ten YouTube channels.

  2. TheCrazyBangladeshi

    TheCrazyBangladeshiAli Jawad Akash is one of the popular funny video posters in Bangladesh. From his video, you can realize that’s Bengalis to do a lot of crazy stuff, indeed. Now, this YouTube is very popular and gain a great amount of 37,181 subscribers • 1,870,402 views Joined May 28, 2014.

  3. ALightSwitch

    ALightSwitchAhnaf Arefin is another name of the popular YouTube guy. He is a comical character in the YouTube channel as well it is a travel blog. In most of his videos are informative way created? Now on this channel has 6,672 subscribers • 536,766 views Joined Apr 21, 2012. Day by day its increasing number of subscribers.

  4. Naziba Naushin

    Naziba NaushinThis channel is run by her tutorial about makeup and learn how to make up boxes technique, learn, pretty pictures watch. Though this channel has not gained it was an account previously. 1,730 subscribers • 82,564 views Joined Jun 12, 2013. Every day this channel is promoting their subscriber and views.

  5. Gaan Friendz

    Gaan FriendzThis channel mainly about music, gaan. Tamim Mridha & Shouvik Ahmed decided to create a YouTube channel music related and fun related. It already has 248,826 subscribers • 15,906,387 views. These musically related channels are promoting their subscriber every day with their friends and fan.

  6. Mango Squad

    Mango SquadThis is another channel that is first growing YouTube channel in Bangladesh. More than 1,60,000 subscriber and 7,066,792 views. Every day this channel is growing their subscriber views watch time.

  7. BhaiBrothers LTD

    BhaiBrothers LTDThis channel is now so popular in Bangladesh for their entertaining videos. Uploads 100 videos, Subscribers 290,918 Video Views 32,402,625 Country BD Channel Type Entertainment User Created Mar 3rd, 2014.

  8. Prank King Entertainment

    Prank King EntertainmentIt’s a Social Awareness Prank & Funny Video channel as well as Production house of some young Bangladeshi talents who are dedicated here service this organization. Uploads 81 Subscribers 282,883 Video Views 38,309,799 Country BD Channel Type Entertainment User Created Aug 27th, 2013.

  9. BongoBD

    BongoBDAnother first growing channel is BongoBD that is a film related YouTube channel. They Upload more than 708 videos. This channel Subscribers 273,264, Video, Views 137,360,778. Country BD Channel Type Film User Created Aug 25th, 2014.

  10. HelpmeBd – Top Ten YouTube channels no rank

    HelpmebdNew YouTube channel who is working at non-profit e organization working for needy people of Bangladesh. Request everyone to subscribe this help organization to get free help and for other help.

This ranking can be the differentiated peoples personal choice and like. Every day those channel updates by new videos so sometimes the ranking can be changed so please a word about it. Top Ten YouTube channels ranking list will be updated every year, so let back check.

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