Village women empowerment program

Women empowerment through Welfare And Peach Foundation In Khulna. SO, WP group sister organization work for financial support small entrepreneurs, small business, sells motivation training, multiple training skill development etc. Our program mainly on Village women empowerment program. Welfare & Peace Foundation NGO working for women empowerment in village near Khulna Bangladesh.

We have no ability to facilitate a large amount of village women, but we are trying to do our best. Village women empowerment program is important to develop a country.

Contribution empowerment program by our Charmaine

Our WP Foundation chairmen are kind hearted who always working for the needy people. Our chairmen Rajib Humayun dedicated his time to develop women empowerment. He started this women’s empowerment program in Bangladesh. Additionally, he started with his own small donations. He believes in charity work can make a haven after death.

Who can join women empowerment programs

So anyone can join this great work. Basically, women empowerment program in Bangladesh with WP Foundation NGO one of the great ambition. Feel happy with working this charitable, voluntary service for the social people.

We recommend to work with WP Foundation NGO who is an appropriate organization in Khulna. Mainly the projects is in development women empowerment socially. Social development can not success without women empowerment so man and women are important to bring peace in society. Also a peaceful society can bring global peace easily.

Women in the society are always sacrifices for the great work. However man and women’s empowerment program is very important because without women socially is valueless. Only together can bring welfare and peace.

We will die, but our charity sign will stay forever, so we should change our world perfectly with perfect work. So, We should ready our socially for the next generation.

Skill development programs

Women empowerment through skill and self motivation training can make a vital role in the society. When they will learn their legality than they will be not accepted any kind of torturing from anyone. We help homeless women, we can help poor women, we can help neglected women, we help neglected women by their society, where women’s empowerment success all over Bangladesh.


Finally, to develop women empowerment IT sector in Bangladesh can make a vital role. The village women empowerment program is not 100% successful. Because there have lack of educational opportunity. Many country’s are working for it like USA ngo, Canada, German, etc. In the same way we are interested in it. Lastly, for women’s empowerment program, we should work together.