WP Foundation Khulna

Introduction WP Foundation Khulna

Actually, WP Foundation Khulna is an organization in Khulna Bangladesh. This organization working for the poor people of Bangladesh. The people of southern are very poor and their children lack enough food, moreover they do not get proper education facility. WPF works for those children who are deprived of education.

This organization chairman is MD Rajib Humaun. Managing director Md Mannan Ali Shaik. Of course they are kind heart-ted man.

It is a Non profitable, Non Political, Non Government organization (N.G.O). Voluntary, Social and Charitable welfare Organization.

On the other hand they working deprecated women in Bangladesh. The name of the organization is Welfare & Peace Foundation Khulna in other word we call in short WPF

Name of the organization

Welfare & Peace Foundation (WPF)

Mailing address:
106, Arafat Plaza, M.A Bari Road, ward No-18, Gollamary, Khulna.
Cell: 01915111799
E-mail: admin@wpgroupbd.com
Contract person :
Md. Rajib Humaun

Chairman Message

The company is a completely non-political, non-sectarian, non-profit, voluntary organization. Educate the masses, educated and highly educated, social, spiritual relations between the Cultural conscious people. So, we work to improve the humanitarian and social conditions.

Especially in the climate research program, working for democracy and good governance, education and rehabilitation programs for street children, helpless women and legal aid programs. As a matter of fact we working here for helpless people.

They also work for the poor and illiterate women to education and rehabilitation, training, freelance, cottage industries, poultry and livestock. Moreover work on rearing programs, job training programs, technical training programs, medical services, human rights and some of the other programs.

Self-employment for the unemployed youth, fisheries, promo crab and fish farming program, although awareness programs for human diseases, local and international organizations work in partnership with the organization. Clean Water and Sanitation, and the expansion of the work.

Helping vulnerable people to cope with the natural disaster at any rate. I hope that the peace and welfare of the people and in the same way we will be able to continue work. In any case we continue charity work in our needy people. However, in work experience by and large we got love from the public.

Thanks –

Rajib Humayun

Background of the organization

It is a voluntary service male and female headed, non profitable, non political Organization established by the initiative of devoted group of people considering the people otherwise on this situation women living with inhuman condition, oppression, inequality in the family as well as society lack of entrepreneurial support and inadequate back up support.

It has general body consisting of 27 member who are the owner of this organization and the general body formed an Executive committee consisting of 9 members who are responsible to execute the plan of action in achieving the organizational vision.

Who are in Governance: (Executive Committee) (Board Member)

01. Md. Rajib Humaun – Chairman Social Worker

02. Asma Khatun – Vice Chairman Social Worker

03. Md. Mannan Ali Sheikh – General Secretary Social Worker

04. Md. Ajmal Hossain – Asst. General Secretary Social Worker

05. Md. Masum Billah – Finance Secretary Social Worker

06. Md. Baharul Islam – Executive Member Social Worker

07. Faysal Alam – Executive Member Social Worker


Here is the wp ngo blog . This ngo is an IT base ngo. In fact our website integrated with WP GROUP. At this point we work with them.

In conclusion, to fulfill WP NGO growing there charity work with youth of Khulna. So, at this point we say it is a youth organization. At the same time this organization working on freelancing. As a result we use our youth on IT job.

Moreover, Many youth got training from us and in addition they train other young people. Moreover, our IT program develop day by day. Be that as it may we work in the future world wide for the peace of world.